The team roster and salary cap information has now finally been updated.

The current salary cap and payroll commitments now reflect the “normal” roster after the St Louis trade (Steen and Colaiacovo for Stempniak) and Stralman’s transfer to the Marlies.

After accounting for the players currently on the IR and called up, it seems as though the Leafs are running with a 22-man roster, which means that Burke has left himself a free roster spot to showcase an extra Marlie (as he is currently doing) or perhaps to ensure that he has the available roster spot in case a player of interest is placed on waivers by another team.

I should point out that the cap totals reflect the players currently on the roster, but do not reflect the exact, actual team cap situation. For instance, there will be some additional cap cost associated with the days that Steen and Colaiacovo were on the Leafs roster, and a corresponding cap reduction to Stempniak’s cap hit for the days when he was on the Blues’ roster. Similarly, various players have been on the IR — with Marlies called up to replace them — which affects the actual cap situation. Further, there have been several roster moves (Tlusty and Stralman to the Marlies, etc.) which are accounted on a daily basis and aren’t reflected here.

The bottom line: the cap hit and cap space shown should be treated only as a very rough approximation.

The Leafs Active Roster has also been updated to reflect the approximate current roster, but the line combinations should be taken with a grain of salt. As we’ve seen, coach Ron Wilson doesn’t hesitate to shuffle the deck both in practice and during the games, so it’s almost impossible to present anything that’s completely accurate (or at least we’d need someone updating it full time, which isn’t currently the case).

At present my schedule doesn’t allow me to maintain a completely current, daily update of the data, but it is my hope that I’ll be able to make monthly updates to both posts. Please bear that in mind when reviewing them. I’ll include a “last updated” line to let you know when the last update was made. I expect to do the next update sometime in early-to-mid January. Thanks for your understanding.