One-on-One with Joe Colborne

Marlies forward Joe Colborne has 4 goals and 15 points in 30 games this season

Q: You’ve scored three goals in your past 5 games. Do you feel like you’re starting to turn the corner after a scoring drought (15 games, Nov. 13 – Dec. 22)?
A: I’m not too worried about the goals. As long as the guys on my line are producing, that’s more what I’m happy about, whether that means just getting assists, or creating some room like I do for Kenny Ryan – and let him work his magic! But if my line is producing and we’re plus players, then that’s what I’m looking for. The goals are nice, obviously. It’s frustrating when you go a long time without a goal. But, it’s playing with good players and getting opportunities from the coaches. They’ve stuck with me and they’re throwing me in positions where I can succeed right now.

Q: In terms of recovering from last year’s wrist injury, do you feel like you are where you need to be?
A: Yes, it’s come so far from where it was. They say it takes sometimes a full twelve months before it’s 100%. But, when I look at where I was last year compared to this, it’s so nice to just not have to – every shift – be going out there and worry about if I’m going to jam it into the boards, or if I’m going to just take a hard shot or a hard pass or something like that and cripple my arm a little bit. It’s the miracles of modern medicine, and I have to thank the training staff and the doctors who did the work, because they did a great job.

Q: How do you like the physical play of your teammate Mark Fraser (2 fights, 10 penalty minutes vs. Rockford, Jan. 5)?
A: You have guys like that on the team, and you can look at guys like Aucoin and Kadri who have been getting a lot of points. Then it’s the Mark Frasers – we have a couple of them who have stepped up at different times, but Fraser is a special guy. You see him off the ice and he’s the nicest guy. He’s pretty scary looking too! But you talk to him, and he’s perfect for us. I really hope he gets a good quality shot in the NHL again, because after getting sent down he could have pouted and stuff. But he’s taken over – other than (captain Ryan Hamilton) – we call him the sheriff sometimes! He patrols out on the ice, and he patrols in the locker room. He keeps our rookies in line. I can’t say enough good things about what he is for a character guy.

Q: Have you been any word from the coaches in terms of a possible call-up to the NHL?
A: No, nothing from the coaches. But there’s obviously some guys who will be called up right away and it would be nice to have my name thrown around in there. But, for right now (the Marlies) are on a pretty good roll here, and we’re not really focused on that. It’s out of my control anyway, and it’s out of all these guys’ control. When you’re on a roll like this, you just want to keep it going.

The Marlies play in Hamilton on Tuesday evening.

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