Maybe it has some legs, but I can’t see it. Likely it’s more a case that I don’t want to believe the latest dirt.

But the story out of Sweden Sunday is that Mats Sundin has agreed to a deal with the Vancouver Canucks.

Back in Canada, TSN is reporting that the story is false, and they have quotes from Sundin’s Swedish rep Claes Elefalk as saying as much.

Whatever the case, Vancouver still is in the hunt for Sundin. We know that much. Throw enough buckets of cash at a guy and how can that not be the case.

But in the end, don’t be surprised at a Sundin return to Toronto.

He’s always loved Toronto, has wore his heart on his sleeve for the Blue and White, and there’s nothing telling us that it won’t change.

Sure, he’s taken the summer to make up his mind. Good for him.

If I were his age, and contemplating when to decide to hang up the skates, I’d take my time too. How many athletes have hastily retired only to un-retire a few months later – see Brett Favre in Green Bay for the latest example.

When Mats finally does decide – and it’ll be before training camp, not part way through the season like Scott Niedermayer – it won’t shock anyone if it’s to Toronto.

Money aside, Toronto has just as much to offer as Vancouver ever will.