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Man, when I look at our D ... I mean, I love the Boss but he's not a top pairing guy.   

But if you demote Hainsey his feelings might get hurt and we need to make veterans feel good and moving them down the lineup doesn’t make them feel good.  I mean doing to Marner or Nylander is fine because they are young but guys like Komarov need to feel loved otherwise they might feel sad.


Like, our playoff spot is basically 100% guaranteed. Why not just try it for a week or two?
Hainsey has been regressing pretty fiercely to me.   His inability to make an outlet pass is really starting to be an issue.   If the Leafs aren’t collapsing back Hainsey just shoots the puck out and it results in a turnover.  Having one guy do it isn’t great but when Polak plays regularly it’s two guys who just hand the puck over to the opposition when they get it in the defensive zone.

And yeah, Zaitsev has been bad since coming back from injury and he really wasn’t having a great sophomore season before the injury.  I thought the first 7-10 games he looked really good and has struggled since then.
Man, when I look at our D ... I mean, I love the Boss but he's not a top pairing guy.   


Like, our playoff spot is basically 100% guaranteed. Why not just try it for a week or two?
Man, when I look at our D ... I mean, I love the Boss but he's not a top pairing guy.   
HM Bozak
You are on top of the B2B, well done.

Has Babcock ever criticized Zaitsev? I mean ever.

And that's not even to say that Gardiner and Rielly had their best nights of the season... but Zaitsev and Hainsey definitely looked like the two worst defencemen on the ice. And that's saying something considering Polak exists.
35-20-5, 75 points | 24-24-9, 57 points

Projected Lines








Connor Carrick
Josh Leivo
Matt Martin

David Booth
Mike Green
Xaxier Ouellet

Game Notes

•McElhinney (6-4-0, 2.27 GAA, .932 Sv%) will likely start for the Leafs
•Back-to-back situation, coming off a loss, and facing a forward group with just two players over 200 lbs? Might be Connor Carrick time

•Howard (16-18-6, 2.83 GAA, .910 Sv%) will likely start for the Red Wings
•Detroit beat the Predators 3-1 in Nashville on Saturday night, giving them 3 wins in their last 4 games
•After a rough sophomore season Dylan Larkin seems to be back on track. He leads the Wings in scoring with 43 points in 57 games


•Nathan Horton - Back - Out indefinitely
•Joffrey Lupul - Actually Injured - Out indefinitely
•Mike Green - Upper Body - Questionable Sunday

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Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: 2017-18 Marlies
« Last post by CarltonTheBear on Today at 12:02:56 AM »
A goal and 2 assists tonight puts Andreas Johnsson in a 3-way tie for 3rd place in the AHL scoring race. He's just 5 points off on the lead now and has a better PPG ratio than the two players ahead of him. The players ahead of him are also 27 and 29 years old. Johnsson is 23.

He's also currently on an 8-game point streak where he's recorded 6 goals, 11 assists, and 17 points. He's had 3-point nights in 4 of his last 8 games.
Either Matthews is your franchise player or he isn't.  His line should have been out there for 4/5s of the time remaining, not 1/5 like it turned out.

You know they've been deliberately not saying stuff like that, right?

I get that most people are going to be frustrated by these decisions (Komarov > Kapanen, Bozak's PP unit over Matthews'), but there are obvious tactical reasons for them* and the game was decided well before that. Others saying that the coach doesn't understand basic hockey is a take I'd be interested to see them say to his face.

*1 Komarov: JvR-Bozak: clicking tonight; Marleau-Kadri-Marner: clicking all month; Komarov is the vet that accepted the move to the 4th line out of the top 9 and played well. Left hand shot that plays the same way as the player he's subbing for reduces the adjustment required on the line. Would I have much preferred Kapanen? Yes. Doesn't mean Babcock's an idiot.

*2 Bozak's unit has pretty much always been first up for 6v5 all season, and they've cashed in on these from what I can recall. Bozak was playing well tonight, as was JvR. Marner and Kadri have been on fire up until tonight, and they still got a couple of good chances. Their playstyle is also more conducive to success in this scenario with the shovel to the slot/crease strategy, than Matthews/Nylander shooting from the circles.

They don't have to.  You know he is, I know he is, Babs knows he is, he knows he is, Brendan Shanahan's pet ferret knows he is.  Would you have the same reaction if this were a playoff game?

Which in fact it was a good simulation of.  Playing the champs in their rink on a Saturday night ... you have to give him and his line the opportunity to see what they can do in a situation like that IMO.  Crosby and Malkin were both out there, Crosby the whole 6/5 I think.  I think the coach should want best-on-best there.

And, although I appreciate that you said I wasn't the one who called Babs an idiot earlier, not putting Kapanen in for Hyman was idiotic.  Heck, I think Kapanen could replace Hyman on that line at some point.
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