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I haven't listened to this yet, but here we go!

Dermott did not have a good possession game last night.  15 shot-attempts against in 11 minutes is way too high.  I'd like to see more of why that occurred through video.  Looking at the shift charts, it looks like Dermott had 2 or 3 short shifts with Rielly and those must have gone horribly as Polak had 11 CA in his 11 5v5 mins (so don't just go blaming Polak for all of it)

I noticed that too. Per NaturalStatTrick, Dermott played 9:22 of his 11:00 5-on-5 minutes with Polak and the Leafs had 9 shot attempts for and 10 against with the two of them on the ice (47.4% CF).

But in 1:16 of ice-time with Rielly the Leafs' shot share was 0-5. So they must have just been pinned down pretty badly in one shift or something.

Yeah, they definitely got pinned down.  I don't think it was entirely intentional to get Dermott out there with Rielly though.  I noticed when they changed OTF but could only get one guy changed, they would have the RD (Polak or Hainsey) come off for the next pair LD (Rielly or Dermott).  Usually if you can only change one of your D on the fly, its because the puck is coming back your way.  By the time the puck is moving back up the ice Dermott/Rielly is changing and all you've got is some shot attempts against.

That sounds about right. There is one sequence on the shift chart (late in the first or early in the second?) where Yeo got Tarasenko's group out against Dermott-Polak, so Polak jumped off immediately to get Rielly out, and Dermott got trapped.


Click through to see the thread of Dermott clips and some of the detail work that he does regularly that doesn't make the highlights.

A note about deployment: Babcock doesn't control the exact timing of every player; he calls the play and organizes the planning of which groups go out for what situation, and manages the occasional mixes required, but deployment largely falls to the assistants. Ferraro mentioned DJ Smith's role tonight. Deployment adjustments in-game are, at most, figuring out who has got their game going and should receive priority. Real adjustments are made after a stretch of games.

When Babcock said he didn't realize how many minutes Komarov played in a game, he was not being facetious. He starts with a plan and on the fly decisions are made accordingly; he's not checking the clock everytime he has to pick a line as that just leads to overthinking. So sometimes the matchup pushes Komarov's ice time up (he played well). They've taken him off the PP since that crazy 24-ish minute game he had a couple of weeks ago.

Interestingly enough, the thing that has actually overruled Babcock's famous stubbornness is Bettle's sports science department. Injuries are getting extra rest time, practices are short, days off are taken even when they aren't mandated by the league, and the ice time in general has been very balanced for the top 6/top 4. Having to keep some of that stuff in mind is probably one of the additional reasons Babcock really leans on his 'safe' guys -- no need to add decision overhead about how to shelter them on his go-to lines. All the sheltered ones are sort of piled together.

Polak getting dialled back tonight is as much about sheltering Dermott as it is about recognizing that Polak has lost a step (and is being targeted by most opposing coaches). Bye week probably meant a lot of time for the video guys to put some targeted stuff together for the coaches to actually digest.


Marner pulled up after getting elbowed in the face.

Dunn like dinner.

Is something wrong with Matthews?  I know he was at the end of a pretty hard shift but he looked like he was almost immobile there the last 10 seconds of the game.

You ever been out of gas?

So no whistle on Edmundson’s crosscheck and interference.

I don't understand the NHL's penalty standards. At. All.

“Well, we don’t want to decide games...”


So no whistle on Edmundson’s crosscheck and interference, roughing, holding the stick.

This is Good aggressive lead holding.

Just so long as Mo parks his aggressiveness for the rest of the game.

Just put him on the bench.

This is Good aggressive lead holding.

Haha Carrick takes a penalty for being shoved by his partner into someone’s skates.

Was all part of his expert strategy. Dude knows what's up!



The perfect breakaway move: no deke.

Sword sheath celly too.

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