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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Soshnikov traded to the Blues
« on: Today at 04:31:39 PM »
For you guys complaining about this deal, the Leafs had their backs against the wall and were in a roster crunch.  Soshnikov was saying he was going to go back to Russia if the Leafs didn't play him.  In fact I think he was pretty patient and even waited longer than he initially said he would.  The other teams knew the Leafs were in this situation and they acted accordingly.

Is a fourth round draft pick enough of a return for Soshnikov?  Probably not.  Ideally they would have gotten at least a third rounder for him.  But when you look at it from the standpoint that they could have lost him to Russia for nothing, the Leafs came out okay, and they gave the player a nice opportunity in another organization.

I liked the intensity Soshnikov played with, he reminded me a lot of Zach Hyman.  However he was too low on the depth chart and I'm happy we at least got something for him.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to Leivo now.

I actually only remember seeing Sosh say the opposite. Do you have a quote?

Either Matthews is your franchise player or he isn't.  His line should have been out there for 4/5s of the time remaining, not 1/5 like it turned out.

You know they've been deliberately not saying stuff like that, right?

I get that most people are going to be frustrated by these decisions (Komarov > Kapanen, Bozak's PP unit over Matthews'), but there are obvious tactical reasons for them* and the game was decided well before that. Others saying that the coach doesn't understand basic hockey is a take I'd be interested to see them say to his face.

*1 Komarov: JvR-Bozak: clicking tonight; Marleau-Kadri-Marner: clicking all month; Komarov is the vet that accepted the move to the 4th line out of the top 9 and played well. Left hand shot that plays the same way as the player he's subbing for reduces the adjustment required on the line. Would I have much preferred Kapanen? Yes. Doesn't mean Babcock's an idiot.

*2 Bozak's unit has pretty much always been first up for 6v5 all season, and they've cashed in on these from what I can recall. Bozak was playing well tonight, as was JvR. Marner and Kadri have been on fire up until tonight, and they still got a couple of good chances. Their playstyle is also more conducive to success in this scenario with the shovel to the slot/crease strategy, than Matthews/Nylander shooting from the circles.

Babcock: I know, we are down by a couple of goals.  Let's sit Matthews and Nylander in favour of Bozak!

He wanted Matthews on the last shift. Bozaks group just happened to put together decent zone time.

The Leafs had a timeout.  Put Matthews out there.  If he scores.  You take a time out and leave him out there.

Or prioritize giving opportunity to the pair that had two points on the night paired with the two that have been tearing up the scoresheet the past ten games?


Babcock: I know, we are down by a couple of goals.  Let's sit Matthews and Nylander in favour of Bozak!

He wanted Matthews on the last shift. Bozaks group just happened to put together decent zone time.

Lol Polak with a zone exit with possession and a zone entry with possession and a chance at the net. Misses completely.

Babcock promotes Komarov rather than Kapanen. Come on.

Babcock is committed to saddling Matthews with the worst finishers in the team.  Remarkable how little he understands basic hockey.


If Komarov buries that one hed be there for the rest of his career.

So many near miss tap ins.

Matthews got cross checked twice on that shift with no calls.

Hanging by a thread but tied with the champs that are now finally ramping back up to form.

A) the Pens are owning us
B) the complexion of this game would be completely different if we had just a smidge of puck luck on some of those passes that just hopped off sticks (Matthews, Kadri, Komarov)
C) our bottom half of the roster is better (hence Bozak line goals)

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays Roster Discussion
« on: Yesterday at 03:36:40 PM »

This. Is. Awesome.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: Yesterday at 02:37:56 PM »
Most teams are no longer carrying sherrifs on their rosters. Usually the player instead is faster and more skilled. Dedicating a roster spot to that type of role player puts the team behind in terms of generating goals (and wins).

Martin is not a dedicated fighter but he can admirably fulfill that role while playing NHL level hockey. Unfortunately for him, we have players like Kapanen who are several factors better than him at hockey and at the end of the day, that matters more to the teams success.

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