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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: William Nylander
« on: November 12, 2017, 12:38:48 AM »
Seems to be caught in a funk. Now that Marner & c. are going again, I wonder if it'd be a good idea to cycle Nylander through the 4th line and get him some easy minutes to get his game going again.

When Matthews is back:


Man, if that fourth line could just be Leivo-Bozak-Marner now that we've played two of the heavier teams in the league, that would be great.
I see what you mean but I think Marner needs to get off the 4th line.  He's showing signs of the classic sophomore slump and getting him out of it is a pretty high priority -- which won't happen there.

Well, a Leivo-Bozak-Marner 4th line would probably help get him going again... decent talent, sheltered minutes...

But if he's playing in the top 9 to regain his game, I'd like him to be kept away from Bozak. A turn on the Kadri/shutdown line might be a challenge that'd be good for him.


Lots of decent performances on next tier. I'll go.... Carrick.

Got back in, looked pretty good.


Preceded by a couple good scoring chances for that line...

There's a cynical part of me that thinks this is a bit of a Babcock-pouting lineup; where the analytics team has been pushing for him to move on from Polak/grinders.

If the succession plan is still that Dubas ascends to the GM chair in the next couple years, will be interesting to see how things play out.

I chided grieves about ragging on Babcock but this team looks real Carlyle right now and the coaching isn't helping.

Speaking of the Carlyle era...

Did you notice the game's call had weird echoes of the last decade?

Team's getting caved in, nothing's happening, somehow hanging on but we know what the result is... announcers grasping at straws to make the game seem more competitive, closer than it is.

Good times.

I think there is a difference between being upset with the decisions that the coach is making, and claiming that they are a glorified motivational speaker.  I don't think that Babcock got dumber between this year and last.

If by "got dumber" you think I mean he's suffered severe head trauma or developed early-onset dementia, no. Obviously not.

But not-dumb people sure can get stupid when they see something they want, think they can get it easy.

Treasure of Sierra Madre sorta thing on Bay Street, I guess.

If Leivo wants to make this team he is going to have to learn to not be good at hockey but be a gud pro. Maybe get married and have a couple of kids.

It is very weird how assumptions about domestic stability and spreading of the seed play into hiring and promotion decisions, even supposedly progressive professions. I say this as someone who's certainly benefited from it.

Hockey, of course, isn't a very progressive profession. But the appeal of sports is that clear performance demands can make it a true meritocracy...

How many shots in last 26 minutes?

2? 3?

2.  Babcock needs to rip these guys a new one.  absolute crap

I hope he does that thing where he ends practice and picks up pucks himself.

How many shots in last 26 minutes?

2? 3?

Edit: 2. Apparently it's 2.

1. JvR and Martin weren't playing below the coach's expectations, so sitting your veterans returning from minor injury in favour of the injury subs is a non-starter. Still, it'd be nice to shuffle some things around to get Leivo some playing time because anything less than 38 games played from here on out means Leivo walks as a UFA (and I doubt he'd stay).

Take a moment to appreciate the managerial wizardry here...

The Leafs will pass on the couple picks and prospect or two that their expiring UFAs would garner -- effectively deadline rentals in reverse -- and by playing those vets every game, regardless of performance (JvR not below expectation...?), convert a cost-controlled, NHL-ready winger into a UFA that'll walk... so they can... uh... win the Cup this year...?

It's a move that'd make some sense if the Leafs had an old core with NMCs and the window was closing... but it doesn't make any sense at this point.

If Leivo was a centre, he'd already be in over Bozak, who at this point in the season, is probably the player that has underperformed enough to warrant it... It's also hard to fault a management team giving development priority to their own picks/players.

I wonder if the Leafs have any other players in their system or even on their roster who can play center...

However, the Leafs did hire Mike Babcock, not P.T. Barnum.


PT Barnum was an artist.

Babcock's a chintzy motivational speaker.

If he wins a Cup with this team, he'll be flogging reverse montages during his retirement.

I'm frustrated too, but put in to context, they only lost two games in a row. 

No one thinks that they're going to go 82-0. But they're supposed to be a three-line team. And they haven't been this season. Why be complacent until the results align to the performance? I thought the Leafs cast that foolishness out when they dumped Carlyle and Nonis and became a "smart" and "progressive" organization.

2 - Babcock "If you play well, you won't get taken out of the lineup."
     Fans and media "wow Josh Leivo played great."
     Babcock "I thought Leivo was involved in scoring chances and was very good for us and he was competitive. We need more of that from some of the guys that have been playing each night."
     Fans and media "He must be excited given Babcock's comments."
     Babcock "Take a seat Josh, Matt Martin come on down."

If you have a problem with people pointing out the sheer lunacy of #2 then go look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you're really being objective.

We all want the Leafs to win here, calling them on their BS is perfectly acceptable.

And it was even better than that (actual quote above).

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