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Imagine when Matthews came back we just swapped Plekanec out for him with those lines. Or Put Matthews where Nylander is and Nylander with Leivo and Kapanen.
All killer no filler.

All Sports But Hockey / Re: The Official TFC/Soccer thread
« on: March 14, 2018, 03:44:39 PM »

The Toronto FC has advanced to the Semi-final of the CONCACAF Champions League as they won -- aggregate (4-4) -- on away goals, in their 3-2 loss to Tigres UANL last night in Monterrey, Mexico in this tournament's Second Leg.

Thanks to Seba's (Giovinco) marker on a beautiful side-kick, that enabled the TFC to obtain the advantage in the away goals department, and proved to be the winner for them.

Poise, discipline, and some super defence on the part of Chris Mavinga were instrumental in keeping the TFC on an even keel against Tigres, in spite of the fact that Toronto was out possesioned in this game and still came up a winner.

Playing in a hostile environment coupled with a higher altitude plus against a Mexican powerhouse would tax any team, but the TFC's remarkable agility and adaptiveness came to the fore for them.  It was also a coming of age that a Canadian-based squad beat a Mexican squad, historic in fact, Soshnikov much so that Mexican media dubbed it a catastrophic loss of a champion Mexican team losing to an MLS squad.  Talk about respect.  Too bad.

The TFC will play either one of Club America, another tough Mexican team, or,
CONCACAF, I always thought they were saying copycat on the radio. I am a big "footie" fan encase you were wondering... Anyway, Toronto is a very diverse city and the team definitely has a loyal and eclectic following. Good for our MLSE brothers.

Flip Leo and Kappi please?

If he were a left shot, Zaitsev would be in the minors.

Yeah, that was a thought I had last night too actually. At the very least he'd be a healthy scratch.

I'm probably the biggest Zaitsev booster on this forum too  :(

His decision making issues really look like someone who is overthinking, i.e. playing outside his instinct. Is he being coached to learn how to play defense a certain way that he hasn't adjusted to? A lot of defensive timing, especially aggressive defensive timing, is about knowing the players coming at you and their tendencies. Without the puck, some of his flubs are more missed executions than bad decisions (see last night's OT pinch). With the puck, I don't know why he doesn't trust his skating (which is above average even on this team) and puck handling (which is average). Does he need glasses?
Considering his performance in OT vs TB, I blame Babcock for using him in OT again the very next night!

But Marleau has such a high RealGudPro% rating...
Now with Lupul ready to sail off Robidas Island to retirement, there are a few spaces available, perhaps Martin and Marleau (after next year) will get some beach chairs and some tropical drinks with an autographed picture of Lou with his wiry smile
Marleau is good player. I wouldn't give up the guy. His term is fine considering the timing of our UFAs. To me, his RealGudPro remains high.

Zaitaev contihues to show poor instincts (not to mention bad puck handling skills).

It’s pretty painful watching Marleau around the net. Shoots at the goalie’s crest every time, often with other guys wide open and in a better position to shoot.

On the plus side Dermott seems to be learning from Gardiner how to create space for the guys around him.

I think Zaitaev is struggling with confidence and a possible lingering injury. Hopefully he gets his head back in the game. They have to support him now considering his contract.

The opposing goalies chest logo seems to be Marleau's target of late. Every shot he takes seems to have zero chance of going in. He needs to chill out and stop trying so damn hard to score. He is taking low percentage shots. Does anyone know how many empty netters he's gotten? I would guess 3 or 4. Stop forcing the issue and let the play come to you.

EDIT: Marleau has 3 empty netters, Grabner leads this season with 7!

Babcock had a rough game in my opinion. Lineup was a mess with so many players mis-casted. He seems to be trying to hard to of late.

WTF? I think anyone that doesn't already know will quickly figure out Turtle Neck sucks! Not a fan encase you were wondering.

I guess Levio is our 15th forward not that I'm a huge fan or anything. Just don't get why he's on the team?

I don't like throwing away opportunities and I feel there was some fundamental lapses last night. I want first place! Let's finish first and win the god damn STANLEY CUP! Let's play our best players on a 5 on 3, let's not chip the puck to the other team in OT, let's not take massive slap shots on the PP when the goalie has a clean look, let's take a serious approach to a shootout attempt (JVR).

Some one did ask Babcock about the 4 on 3 deployment and he gave the answer I expected.
On the decision to keep the top power play unit off the ice to start the 4-on-3 that became a 5-on-3:

That 4-on-3 and then 5-on-3, we thought we’d hit the goalie once and then get our next group out. We didn’t want them to be tired. So then you think, “Geez, I should’ve put those other guys out first.” If I put them out first and they were tired by the time we got to the 5-on-3, I would’ve said, “Geez, why did I put them out first?” Anyway, I didn’t like it. How’s that? We didn’t score.
GEEZ LOUSEEEZ you get paid to damn much $ to make crap ass decision like that!

Zaitsev went up the boards with the puck to clear the zone. In 3-on-3. Directly to a Tampa player.
Hated that play hope he never plays in OT again.

So that turtle neck guy sucks! What a useless game. I thought his body language sucked too. I don't think he wants to be here.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:56:36 PM »
Lou said they weren't interested in Green. Interesting.

Green never really made much sense to me. I don't think Babcock would have liked him very much, and it still leaves the team short a penalty-killer (in Babs' eyes).

I was iffy on him, but they just keep playing Polak so...
No interest in a Green type Dman. We need a defensive minded minute cruncher.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:38:30 PM »
If it goes to game 7 against Tampa and JVR breaks McDonagh's ankle while driving to the net scoring the series winning goal I'll forgive the non move of not trading JVR
Not sure why McDonagh needs to break his ankle in this scenario but okay...

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:32:37 PM »
I still think this team could take Boston in a 7-game series in the first round. After that though...
One way to get through TB and BOS is to finish first have them play each other. Wouldn't have to play either until probably the conference final. The winner to TB vs BOS could even endup against PIT in the second round. Dream scenario.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:22:06 PM »
The thing that bugs me most about not moving JVR, besides the fact that he's a one tool guy whose value may be at its peak, is that he may well be a liability in the playoffs. I still recall how abysmal he was defensively against Boston in the first round years back. There's little reason to think that would change this time around, and his puck-tipping skills are not enough to compensate.
We have enough depth to hopefully steer him away from all defensive responsibilities. He plays less then any other of our top 9 forwards. He is very much sheltered. I don't think he will necessarily walk. He has been cast in dream role here and I am sure he is aware.

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