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Komarov is good for one a game, it seems.

Great shot. Matthews was overdue for a goal.

Hyman needs to work on his breakaways. Maybe stop going backhand all the time. He can't get it up on the backhand and it's an easy stop.

Hyman will forever be a 3rd/4th line grinder.  He has no skills.  Babcocks favorite styler winger for Matthews.
Every so often Hyman does something that makes you think...maybe he could become more of a scorer (think back to that goal against the Rangers I think?). But...really, so many chances end with him skating himself into an impossible situation in the corner or behind the net. He's fast and strong enough to get there and get the puck, but his decision making with the puck is so damn slow...

Komarov...gonna Komarov.


*1 Komarov: JvR-Bozak: clicking tonight; Marleau-Kadri-Marner: clicking all month; Komarov is the vet that accepted the move to the 4th line out of the top 9 and played well. Left hand shot that plays the same way as the player he's subbing for reduces the adjustment required on the line. Would I have much preferred Kapanen? Yes. Doesn't mean Babcock's an idiot.
Komarov accepted the move to the 4th line? I didn't realize it was a requirement that a player accept a move like that, that's the coaches prerogative isn't it? You play where the coach puts you. As for Komarov/Kapanen...Kapanen is a right hand shot as is Hyman, versus Komarov being lefty. So maybe there is less adjustment if Kapanen is played there? I still think Kapanen has a better chance of burying that shot even though he's a righty. The one point in your favor here is the style of play similarity between Hyman and Komarov, but Kapanen has shown the ability to be strong along the boards and is faster even than Hyman. I think Babcock blew it here, and may have cost the game with this decision. I won't call him an idiot, though. He may just have over thought things.

*2 Bozak's unit has pretty much always been first up for 6v5 all season, and they've cashed in on these from what I can recall. Bozak was playing well tonight, as was JvR. Marner and Kadri have been on fire up until tonight, and they still got a couple of good chances. Their playstyle is also more conducive to success in this scenario with the shovel to the slot/crease strategy, than Matthews/Nylander shooting from the circles.
I can't find fault with putting them out there to start, they did generate a lot of zone time and some decent chances. I might have switched earlier though.

Still, though, if anyone other than Komarov was out in place of Hyman, it's probably still a tie. Babcock, Babcock...

well, at least marleau is probably a better option than komarov

Love the question "how did he miss that", well it's Komarov...

Komarov takes Hyman's spot hahaha

To be fair, the Leafs need a goal to tie the game.  Komarov 15 points > Kapanen 5 points.  Babcock logic.
In all fairness, though, Komarov probably does have a higher RealGudPro% rating than Kapanen.

Sure, you've got a skilled fast player like Kapanen...but put Komarov out there in place of Hyman

Too many turnovers, and too many second chances for the champs.  Still, we seem to be a team now that can play with anyone in the league.
Except Boston, apparently. Hopefully that last game against them was an anomaly.

I'm actually encouraged by the game tonight. Sure, still problems in the d-zone but part of that is just bad decisions with the puck (Gardiner in particular but not only him), and part is the offensive firepower that Pitt has. On the other hand, Matthews could easily have had 2 or even 3 goals, most nights he probably pots one of those.

Scored on a change up there! PP looked much better.

Need to make this pp count. Stop the Pittsburgh momentum.

Feels like this game could get away in a hurry if the Leafs don't pick it up.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Soshnikov traded to the Blues
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:36:22 PM »
So did they choose to keep Leivo over Sosh, or was the market for Sosh better? I don't think he's looked very good in the NHL since his injury (and he does seem to be injury prone) so to me, not a big loss...someone had to go. But the Leivo situation is mystifying to me.

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