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There is no longer any doubt that Babcock’s decision-making (both in game and roster) is hurting the team. He’s playing the wrong line up, the wrong lines, and the wrong system for the make up of this team, and he refuses to make adjustments.

Just for example, why is the team still chipping the puck out of their own zone and dumping it in rather than rushing with it? They have elite speed and yet barely ever draw penalties because they almost never have the puck in the neutral zone.

The sad part is that nothing in his post game comments suggests that he’ll be making changes following the bye week.

We have elite speed, yes but we also have players who can't score anymore Kadri, or won't shot the damn Puck Marner because he is selfish and is trying to be pretty. Something has to change quickly or we will not make the playoffs

New conspiracy theory: Babcock will do anything to prevent Lou and shanahan from fast tracking... He's showing them the crap on the team by playing them heavily.

LOL humour that is great, and I love it!

Well yes there is! Fine Bench him next game.
if they are rolling sit the defence, then sit Reilly for losing us 3 pts. Just saying

How was Polak responsible for the lose this evening.

What is the Leafs record with Polak in the lineup? I don't want to blame it all on him but I am willing.

11-13-2 - but that include 3 SO wins. They have 8 ROW in his 26 games in the lineup.

That keeps up and it's 18 wheeler of a ledge time.

It's even crazier, if you check my edits. The split is absurd. Obviously, that's not all on Polak, but, still . . . that's a huge swing.

You can blame Polak all you want.... Reilly personally lost the last 2 games, and he is suppose the next captain!

Reilly loses the game with a stupid pitch, now that is 2 in row I put the blame on him. Yes he scored but you don't pitch like that.....


HM Bozak

And this is 2 damn games Reilly has made stupid errors causing the team to lose point.

So IMO Reilly should sit next game for being an idiot... he lost us two points.

One point.
fine ONE pt and 1 ROW,


Goats to Reilly

So IMO Reilly should sit next game for being an idiot... he lost us two points.

I have no idea what Reilly was thinking, stupid stupid stupid...

I know that I've already voted, but in my post I forgot to mention Hyman, he played an excellent game yet again.  A perfect pass to Matthews to start the come back.


and thank you Mr Andersen

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