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Durzi is back in the main camp with Dermott out dealing with his shoulder.  But... plug Dermott in in Durzi's place... and then plug those two pairings into my veins.  (With Gardiner-Zaitsev the other)

Honestly, I'd be a little apprehensive about throwing Dermott into those tough minutes right now. Not entirely sure he's up for them yet. Assuming Gardiner-Rielly will never happen, I'd actually go back to trying Rielly-Zaitsev again. I think that'd be an improvement over putting Hainsey there (which is saying something, as I might be the president of the Zaitsev anti-fan club).

I'd prefer to see Dermott move up to the 2nd pair at this point as well. My top two choices for top pair, in order, would be

1. Gardiner - Rielly
2. Rielly - Zaitsev

At the end of the day, I want Hainsey on the 3rd pair.  Sure, sub him in in high-leverage moments for one of the other guys, but regular 5v5 shifts he shouldn't be seeing so many minutes.

You mean Dermott-Zaitsev?

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2018-2019 NHL Thread
« on: Yesterday at 11:10:00 AM »
"I know that there have been reports out there that suggested his body fat was as high as 25 per cent. I don't know if those numbers are accurate," McKenzie told First Up on TSN 1050 Toronto. "What I can tell you, and what I do believe is accurate, is that he was a good 30 to 35 pounds above his playing weight. So I don't know what percentage body fat he was, but I can tell you that the relative expectations of what the Lightning expect him to play at versus what he showed up as, it was a good 30 pounds."

If Ottawa was smart they'd put Bobby Ryan on a diet consisting entirely of cheeseburgers and milkshakes.
I doubt they'll get away with terminating the contract because he's out of a shape?

Depends on how it's worded in the SPC.  Which for Tampa to say it's for Material Breach of Contract, there must be something in the contract relating to fitness level.
Jeff O'Neil admitted on the radio he showed up to camp way overweight and Paul Maurice told him that he would have cut him loose if Antropov wasn't hurt.

Jeff "Snacks" O'Neill

General NHL News & Views / Re: Official Ottawa Senators Thread
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:29 AM »
You guys are merciless.

Poor madferret has probably gone to live on a cave in Laos.

Well, not that I have anything personal against MadFerret, but most of those fans of other teams just came around when their teams were good to troll us in a passive aggressive manner.  Some more aggressively than passively.

Yeah I never really understood that. MadFerret was a good guy but I mean we get it all the time. PLAN THE PARADE DUUURRR.

Ugh Don.... I feel for the guy. He can't string a sentence together anymore.

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Interesting you say that about Friedman. Care to elaborate?

Dregs is losing his marbles

Guys like him (and even Friedman to be honest) have such awful opinions on hockey, it's sad that they're always the go-to option for these radio hits just because of their ability to get scoops 30 seconds before everyone else.

Dreger says that the Leafs should "cut bait" on Sparks because McElhinney is the "perfect back-up" because he "practices hard" and won't be a "threat" to Andersen.

Dregs is losing his marbles

I really don't see how the AHL goalie of the year will go unclaimed through waivers. As good as he was last year, I think McBackup gets sent down (or possibly kept up and traded asap).

This is Dubas we're talking about. He's all about the rational approach rather than the old school in terms of team optimization. I heard Justin Bourne on the Leaf Report podcast that Dubas frequently tried to pull Lou back from making some old school mistakes but Lou would go ahead and make them anyway. Dubas was also pushing for Holl but Lou/Babs coveted Polak.

Kind of interesting. I think the hydra is gone and Dubas can really put his stamp on this team.

Leafs Media Rumours / Re: Rick Nash
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:09:58 PM »
You know, he'd be a pretty nice fit on the 3rd line with Kadri and Kapanen/Brown.
That being said, I would think that his signing would ultimately mean less playing time for Johnsson and wouldn't affect Hyman's status as a top 6 LW, even though it really should.

Old and slow. Hard pass.

Iím quite okay with this. Although Ennis probably replaces Leivo in an actual lineup scenario, while Lindholmís line holds.

If Leivo falters and Ennis thrives, sure. But if Babcock's original plan had Ennis playing with Kadri then he'd be there from the start of camp and Leivo would have been used as the placeholder.

Hmm, that makes sense. Leivo has been used in some of the Leafs media spots recently...

Does not quite compute with Babcock wanting to keep Kadri as the primary checking line in home games though.

Leivo's been a good soldier. He deserves a fair shake.

General NHL News & Views / Re: Official Ottawa Senators Thread
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:39:03 PM »
Wow. So, let's just sum up. The Sens:

- Didn't get a definite 1st round pick in 2019

- Didn't get a prospect taken in the top 15 or a pick that's likely to be

- Didn't dump the Ryan deal

- Probably won't get two 1sts

I mean, on the one hand, that's not very good. On the other hand I think we all predicted that Ottawa wouldn't do very well here. But on the third hand...if you're a Dallas fan aren't you a bit upset you couldn't beat that?
On the fourth hand, isn't everyone upset that their own team couldn't beat that?

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Rogers: Elliotte, itís been 72 days since Tavares signed with the Leafs; donít you think itís been a bit slow since then?

Friedman: Say no more.

Holy crap! Am I living in bizarro world? I think it's time to re-watch a classic Seinfeld episode...

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays Roster Discussion
« on: September 03, 2018, 07:59:54 PM »
Interesting. I didn't follow the Jays that closely so I didn't realize Donaldson had no value due to injury even back then.

So what do we do with Tulo? He's basically constantly injured?

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Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays Roster Discussion
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:43:00 AM »
I really don't understand why they didn't start tearing it down last offseason, but I don't follow the Jays moves that much. Am I wrong in this assesment? I don't understand why, when the writing is on the wall for this core, which only had a couple of years of competitive baseball in them, management didn't start getting back as much assets as possible. AA didn't seem that great in asset management either though...

Apparently this is the player the jays are getting.

ďThereís more to it than the fact that the player hasnít touched the big-leagues Ė itís the years of control, the cost of that player and what that means for potential contributions and efficiency within your roster,Ē Atkins said

I donít like this management team, I really donít.

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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2018/2019 Goal Predictions
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:38:07 AM »
Optimism totally appreciated, but last year Tampa's top five (1st for goals) scored 144 goals, Winnipeg's (2nd for goals) scored 150 goals, Pittsburg's (tied for 3rd with Leafs) scored 156 goals, and the Leafs' had 151 goals. Your 181 (excluding Marner) is bit on the high side. Somebody's going to take a hit in goals.

That's a fair point but we should keep in mind those teams didn't have both John Tavares and Auston Matthews.
Yeah but even so would that make up that many more goals?

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Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Ranking Prospects 2018-19
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:30:36 AM »
PPP: 5. Travis Dermott

When he was first drafted, I was just excited that our tradedowns netted multiple prospects with projectable skills; of the 3 (Dermott, Bracco, Dzierkals), Dermott was maybe the least exciting to me because it looked like he played a safe game shepherding a stacked forward corps (McDavid, Strome). His speed was middling but his vision looked capable; smooth without panic.

After a couple of years with Barb Underhill and getting targeted assignments on the Marlies, he has surpassed my middling expectations. He is very smart and aggressive without the puck, with the skills to pull off a lot of his riskier maneuvers (open-ice gap up pinches as the last man back!), and he can really carry it almost to Gardiner/Rielly levels. While the raw speed is not quite Rielly-level, his edgework and elusiveness is probably tops on the backend.

I have to agree here. Dermott caught me by complete surprise. The Leafs didn't get into a real groove until Marner got going and Dermott drew into the lineup. I was kind of against the pick at the time thinking he wasn't going to amount to much but I'm pretty glad we have him.

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