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Stop the Leo talk. There's no way Babcock puts him in short of an injury to two forwards (Moore would go in before Komarov). Babcock would look like an idiot if he took out a healthy a Johnsson for Leo

R1G1—TOR v BOS: Bruins 5-1.  MotM: Hyman 7/1.  HM: Zaitsev 1/4.  Others: Kadri 0/1, Brown 0/1, Gardiner 0/1.
R1G2—TOR v BOS: Bruins 7-3. MotM: Matthews 2/0. HM: Dermott 1/2.  Others: Bozak 0/1.
R1G3—BOS v TOR: Leafs 4-2.  MotM: Plekanec 7/3.  HM: Marleau 4/8.  Others: Andersen 5/2, Gardiner 0/3.
R1G4—BOS v TOR: Bruins 3-1.  MotM: Marner 6/3.  HM: Plekanec 2/4. Others: Reilly 1/2.
R1G5—TOR v BOS: Leafs 4-3.  MotM: Andersen 14/0.  HM: Kadri 0/6.  Others: Hyman 0/5, Johnsson 0/1, Hainsey 1/1, Brown 0/1, Bozak 0/1.
R1G6—BOS v TOR: Leafs 3-1.  MotM: Andersen 13/0.  HM: Marner 0/6.  Others: Plekanec 1/4, Gardiner 0/1, Hyman 0/1, Nylander 0/1, Zaitsev 0/1.
R2G1—TOR v TBL:  :)

I love your moxie kid.

Kapanen is having a tough series.

I'll go with that cliche that it's better to have a player getting a ton of chances and not scoring then to not notice him at all cause he's not getting any shots whatsoever.  I think he'll score, it's just a matter of time.

I absolutely love that Connor Brown stepped up when it mattered most.  This is a player who's been doubted at every level he's ever played.  Leafs fans fell in love with the guy last year, but this year some doubts creeped back in.  There have been complaints about his play throughout the season, but once again Brown Cow steps up and shows he can play.



He ain't going in.  You go with the lineup that got you there, and Komarov wasn't it.

When does round 2 start for the Leafs?

We've clawed back to a one-game decision. Leafs haven't even played their best yet.

This is what gives me hope for game 7.  If Leafs can play their best, they should be able to take it.

If Komarov is ready for Wednesday, would you put him in for Johnsson?
I think I would, we sacrifice some speed but Bruins were owning the walls in end.

You don't change a winning lineup like that. Leafs have won 3 of 4 without him. You take your best shot in game 7 with the group that got you there.
If he's ready to go, Babcock gives Polak the look like Michael Corleone gave Al Neri as Michael was hugging Fredo. Next thing you know Polak is breaking Komarov's leg in the dressing room

Where was that grit and shot blocking the first 5 games of this series? Leafs were so aggressive on loose pucks tonight

Connor Brown has come alive the last 2 games.

Oh Marner. This could be costly

Nylander nearly iced the game. That would have been sweet

Man, it's pretty intense along the boards. This finish is gonna be nuts

My Sportsnet feed blows, but that looked like a dive in chop motion.
Give me a crayon, I'll draw a penalty

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