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Leafs players say Marleau gave speech in second intermission to refocus everyone

Man Ottawa is a bad team.  Leafs only really played one period of hockey and win. Hopefully they gain some momentum from this home win.

They say you shouldn't name the livestock, but I love me some Connor Brown.

You can see the Leaf fan in him every time the team scores and he works his tail off constantly.
Yeah I really like Brown. Great story from a guy that was always overlooked at every level.

Need another goal. I can see Ottawa cheesing another stupid goal to tie it.

Carrick scores!  Now, I feel better, but cautious!
Don't worry. When Zaitsev is back Carrick will be in the press box in favour of Polak.

It's like the Leafs were ashamed in that 2nd intermission and decided to play.

Alright good job young guys time to ride the Kadri line to overtime now.
Matt Martin will get lots of time now.

What a goal by Marner.

Andersen can't save the team from themselves every night.

Exactly, the notion that any of this is even remotely on him given how he's played since Nov 1st is laughable.
Team is completely lost right now but the shorthanded goal and the Karlsson goal were complete garbage by Andersen.

3 goals on 12 shots. Make a save.

I've seen enough of Bozak on PP.
In fact, i've seen enough of Bozak period.
The funny thing was, there was a huge delay before the PP started, so not like the Matthews line was gassed and couldn't start on the PP. But no, Bozak's line out to start as usual, gets scored on and then he puts Matthews out and they actually control the puck on the PP and get some zone time. Go figure.

Dat Bozak powerplay unit!

Roman Polak gains Center...dumps the puck in....puck back out of the zone.  Stop with this nonsense........
Polak is the least of their problems lately
He is a problem though.

Enough of this Polak and Martin nonsense. If Babcock were really a great coach those two would have no place on a team. Kapanen in, for Martin. Anyone else in for Polak.

Hey Polak, how about not planting your stick in Andersen's gut?

I don't think it's a close game tonight. Given Andersen's comments and the coach's reply to those comments, either the Leafs respond and absolutely hammer the Sens tonight, or it goes the other way and they lose convincingly. We won't be seeing another OT tonight.

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