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Non-Hockey Chatter / Valentine 2018
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:12:11 AM »

Happy Valentine's Day, TMLfans!

The Men's Ice Hockey event gets underway on Wednesday (Feb.14).

Team OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia) vs Team Slovakia; Team USA vs Team Slovenia: and Team Germany vs Team Finland.

For dates, time, & schedule, click here:

The Women's Ice Hockey event got underway on Saturday:

Team Sweden squeaked by Team Japan 2-1.

Meanwhile, Team Switzerland whitewashed Team (South) Korea (featuring several North Korean players) 8-0.  Team Korea made history in it's first-ever hockey opener.

The "unified' Team Korea,  (featuring twelve players from the North alongside their South Korean brethren),  was greeted with a thunderous reception by the crowd of specators in the Kwandong Hockey Centre.  In attendance were some North & South Korean officials as well as IOC President Thomas Bach, and Kim Yo Jong, sister of N.Korean strongman Kim Jong Un.

Source:   BBC Sports

Sunday's games will feature Team Canada vs Team OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia); Team USA vs Team Finland.

Friday night, the town of PyeongChang, South Korea, a community of 40,000+ residents, welcomed the world to the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at newly-built PyeongChang Stadium.

It was a ceremony that could be termed 'simplistic' yet hi-tech, complete with pyrotechnics that stunned, fire-dancers that twirled,  etc,. lots of choreography interspersed with hi-tech effects that awed and stunned viewers and audiences alike.  It certainly was a testimonial to the small-budget type of ceremony that carried not a dull moment with it's trimmed and admirable presentation.

Of course, there was the usual Parade of Nations, a throng that would never seem to end.  Not that it should, since every country was present, with the flag bearers proudly displaying their respective nations' flags.  Canada, whose athletes came in towards the ending of the parada of nations, had Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue as the official flag-bearers, and they were none the prouder, as Canada became the first country in Olympic history to have both a female and a male as flag-bearers at once.

Who can forget the Tongo's shirtless (and well-oiled) flag bearer, Pitas Taufatofua.  Yes, him again.  Something to get tongues wagging all right.  Kudos to him for braving the cold!

But the moment the entire stadium was waiting for was the last country -- the host nation -- to march, and there they were, the two Koreas marching under the 'Unification Flag'.  The IOC and the (South) Korean Unification Ministry agreed to commission and invite several North Korean athletes to cross the demarcation line and participate in these Olympic Games as a symbol of openness and dialogue.

Whether this strikes a chord with communist North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un remains to be seen, though several North Korean government delegates along with Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong,  were in attendance.  Strongman Jong Un and his obsession with nuclear ballistic missile testing and his desire  to annihilate the West (namely the United States) with his threats of war, has left the world (and particularly neighbouring Japan & South Korea) on the precipice of tension and uncertainty.  By no means should this gesture of 'unity' be seen as making any inroads into a truce or peace initiative.  What happens after all of this Olympic fanfare is over remains to be seen.

That said, there were violent protests in the streets in South Korea prior to the opening of the games where anti-North Korea protesters clashed with police, in disagreement with the North Korean invite.  Many do not want the Communist state's values to encroach or tinker with the democratic and diversified South Korean nation.  Many do not believe any of what has taken place nor what is to come (at these Olympics) will modify or soften strongman Jong Un's motives.

North Korea's athletes will be participating in only five sporting events -- one of them being the Women's Ice Hockey portion of these Olympiads.  The North and the South will play as one team, one 'unified' country.  It has been reported that Kim Jong Un's grandfather was a fan of the sport.  Yes, you read it right.

For many cynics, the Olympics, whether Summer or Winter versions, represent cynicism, cronyism, and most of all, hypocrisy at the highest level.  At the last Winter Olympics in
Sochi (Russia) in 2014,  Team Russia became embroiled in a doping scandal of great proportions amid allegations of  government-sanctioned state-wide doping.

Eventually forty-three Russian athletes were banned from participating in future Winter Games (such as these).  They appealed to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports) and of those, the bans were reduced to twenty-eight.  From those twenty-eight, eleven appealed.  To make a long story short, so to speak, the IOC upheld the ban of only thirteen  and allowed the rest to participate.  In fact, Team Russia was officially banned from engaging in these PyeongChang Games but, Russian athletes could still be present under the title of "Olympic Athletes from Russia" (OAR), with no official Russian flag nor anthem, neither of  the two displayed or to be played.  In other words, Russia's 169 Olympic athletes are unofficially participating but officially not representing Russia per se.  Strange but weird piece of decision-making by the grand poobahs that is the IOC.

This flies in the face of upholding sanctions and rules/ethics, much to the frustration and consternation of ex WADA chief Canadian Dick Pound, and British IOC member Adam Pegully.  What message it was supposed to send is anyone's guess, except for the fact that in theory, actually, in practicality, Russia is a participant.

For many in general, the Olympics, regardless of it's flaws and flouting of ethics regulations, etc., still represent the showcasing of the world's best in the faster, higher, stronger motto, no matter whether the idea of a level playing field is present or not.

If the PyeongChang Olympics are about unity, involvement, peace, and diversity, then these Opening Ceremonies resonated with that theme throughout, particularly with the singing of the Korean anthem by the Rainbow Children's Choir, a South Korean ensemble that prides itself on "multicultural diversity". 

All in all, PyeongChang's world wide welcome hasn't disappointed.  As the song stated, "...we are all one...'.  Beautiful, imaginative, and...hopeful.

"Let the Games Begin!"   

Hats off to you, South Korea!

After the All-Star Game hiatus, we're back!

Here are the games for this round.  Deadline is Saturday 7PM.  All times Eastern.

Good luck everyone!

Saturday Feb. 3rd

Toronto @ Boston              7PM
Columbus @ NYIslanders   7PM
NYRangers @ Nashville      8PM
Minnesota @ Dallas           8PM
Tampa Bay @ Vancouver   10PM
Chicago @ Calgary           10PM

Non-Hockey Chatter / 'Happy 2018!"
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:57:09 AM »
To everyone at TMLfans...

....wishing you all a healthy & happy New Year!

Here are the games for both Saturday & Sunday (since the Leafs play on New Year's Eve, I thought I'd include some of those games as well).  Deadline is 7PM Saturday.  All times Eastern.

Good luck!

Sat. December 30th

Boston @ Ottawa                    7 PM
Minnesota @ Nashville             8 PM
Los Angeles @ Vancouver       10 PM

Sun. December 31st

Toronto @ Vegas                      3:30 PM
NYIslanders @ Colorado            8 PM
Chicago @ Calgary                    9 PM

General NHL News & Views / Spengler Cup 2017
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:43:19 AM »
Defending champion Canada defeated Mountfield HK 5-3 in their opening game of the 2017 Spengler Cup hockey tournament.

Scoring for Team Canada came from the likes of P.A. Parenteau, Mason Raymond, David McIntyre, Victor Bartley & Curtis Hamilton.

While most people probably aren't particularly familiar with some of the Canadian names, Hockey Canada is taking a keen interest in this Euro-based Canadian squad, as it seeks to further determine potential players for it's Olympic roster.

(Most of the well-known hockey playing nations will not be represented by NHLers in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games scheduled to take place in PyeongChang (South Korea).

Canada's next game is Thursday against HC Davos.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Christmas 2017
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:17:03 AM »
To all at TMLfans....

...may the blessings of the season be with you throughout the coming year.

Here are the games for this round.  All times Eastern.  Deadline is 7PM Saturday

Good luck!

Saturday Dec. 23

Toronto @ NYRangers       7PM
Anaheim @ Pittsburgh       7PM
Montréal @ Edmonton       8PM
Nashville @ Dallas              8PM
Washington @ Vegas         8PM
Los Angeles @ San Jose   10PM

CHL & NCAA Hockey / 2018 WJHC (World Junior Hockey Championship)
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:52:02 AM »
The 2018 World Juniors will be held in Buffalo, NY., commencing Dec. 26 to Jan.5th.

Here is Canada's roster

Canadian-based NHL teams will have several of their top prospects playing here at these Worlds.  The Toronto Maple Leafs have two of theirs in Team Sweden's Timothy Lillejgren (defence), and Team USA's Joseph Woll (goaltender).

Team Canada's first game is against still Team Finland on Tuesday Dec. 26.

Groupings:  Group A                 Group B
                  Team Canada          Team  Czech Republic         
                  Team USA                Team Sweden
                  Team Denmark        Team Russia
                  Team Finlandj          Team Switzerland
                  Team Slovakia          Team Belarus

Source:  Hockey Canada, IIHF

Here are the games for this round.  Deadline is 7PM Saturday.  All times Eastern.

Good luck all!

Sat. Dec. 2

Toronto @ Vancouver           7PM
Detroit @ Montréal                7PM
San Jose @ Tampa Bay        7PM
Anaheim @ Nashville            8PM
Chicago @ Dallas                  9PM
Edmonton @ Calgary           10PM

All Sports But Hockey / 105th Grey Cup Game November 26, 2017
« on: November 20, 2017, 05:36:30 AM »
The 105th Grey Cup game is the CFL's championship showcase, which will be between... 

Calgary Stampeders         Toronto Argonauts     

The last time these two teams met was in 2012, in Toronto at the Rogers Centre (formerly Skydome), in that year's 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup championship, with the Argos firmly winning that one.

Quarterbacks Ricky Ray of the Argonauts, and Kevin Glenn of the then Calgary Stampeders, (now a Saskatchewan Roughrider), were part of the matchup from that time.

The Argos fended off the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Toronto at BMO Field, Sunday Nov. 19th in the Eastern Final, in a last-minute victory appropriately led by Ray.  Final score was 25-21 in favour of Toronto.   


Meantime, the Calgary Stampeders outsmarted the Edmonton Eskimos at Calgary's McMahon Stadium, Sunday Nov. 19th in the Western Final, in a 35-28 win.


105th Grey Cup Game  Sunday November 26th, 2017 hosted in Ottawa at TD Place. Kickoff at 6:30pm ET. 

Halftime show to feature Canadian songstress Shania Twain:

“It’s an absolute honour to return to the Grey Cup stage in the nation’s capital during Canada’s 150th birthday,” said Twain. “I’m thrilled to be coming home and being a part of the country’s biggest annual party.”

“Shania is a massive Canadian icon and a global superstar, so we are so excited that she will help us cap off such a significant year for our country at the 105thGrey Cup in Ottawa,” added Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner. “This promises to be a fantastic event and a special performance for our fans and viewers across Canada and all around the world. I can’t wait to get the party started at my first Grey Cup as Commissioner.”

Source:   3downnation

GO ARGOS!           

Non-Hockey Chatter / Remembrance Day 2017
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:56:17 AM »

     In honour of this country's 150th year, Canadians....
                                       from coast to coast....

                                      from city to city.......

                                      from town to town......

                                      from place to place......

                                      from sea unto sea........

                                      from mountain to mountain......

.....Thank you"  for your sacrifice, courage, and fighting for our freedoms for this land we all call home.

To our men and women who today continue to represent with pride our nation abroad....bless you and thank you.

                 November 11th, 2017.....In Remembrance....

                                           Lest We Forget

Non-Hockey Chatter / "Happy Halloween!' 2017
« on: October 30, 2017, 08:38:11 AM »
    Time for ghouls, ghosts, and goblins  TMLfans. . .

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