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NHL Transactions / Cam Atkinson extension: 7 years @ $5.875M AAV
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:34:31 AM »

Atkinson is 28 and for the past handful of years has been good for 40+ pts (more like 50-60 now), and 30 goals.

Maybe as good a JvR comparable as there is out there.

NHL Transactions / Duchene & Turris traded
« on: November 05, 2017, 06:59:55 PM »
Let’s clean this up:

NHL Transactions / Florida extends Michael Matheson 8 years @ 4.875M AAV
« on: October 09, 2017, 06:39:04 PM »
What's up with this?

81 GP 7G 10A ~50% CF%

General Rumours & Speculation / Drew Doughty
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:04:24 AM »

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Media Thread
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:07:47 AM »

We're rounding the corner on the second last long weekend until hockey ramps back up, so we might as well have a new space to talk about the team going into next season.

First salvo is a bit nerdy:

Using Stimson's passing project data and playstyle clustering, Dom Luszczyszyn throws together a lineup optimized by role distribution. Both the article and playstyle link above show the shot metrics for various combinations.

Dom brings up an interesting thought about Babcock's philosophies on line makeup, ice time distribution, and the performance vs health trade-off.

How would you build the Leafs lines for 2017-18? (Trades are coming...)

Marlies & Prospect Talk / Ranking Prospects - 2017-18
« on: July 04, 2017, 01:36:44 PM »
Top 25 under 25 should be kicking into gear towards the end of the month.
Check out last season's thread to see the changes in our pipeline. It's not as drastic a difference as last offseason's makeover. This offseason is still young and the situation in certain tiers is still fluid.

2017 Eligible:2017's list2016's list
Adam Brooks
Andreas Borgman
Andreas Johnsson
Andrew Nielsen
Auston Matthews
Calle Rosen
Carl Grundstrom
Connor Brown
Connor Carrick
Dakota Joshua
Dmytro Timashov
Eemeli Rasanen
Fedor Gordeev
Frederik Gauthier
Garret Sparks
Ian Scott
Jack Walker Released
JD Greenway
Jeremy Bracco
Jesper Lindgren
JJ Piccinich
Joseph Woll
Josh Leivo
Kasmir Kaskisuo
Kasperi Kapanen
Keaton Middleton
Kerby Rychel
Martins Dzierkals
Miro Aaltonen
Mitch Marner
Morgan Rielly
Nicolas Mattinen
Nikita Soshnikov
Nikolai Chebykin
Nolan Vesey
Pierre Engvall
Rinat Valiev
Ryan McGregor
Ryan O'Connell
Timothy Liljegren
Tobias Lindberg
Travis Dermott
Trevor Moore
Vladimir Boblyev
Vladislav Kara
William Nylander
Yegor Korshkov
Zach Hyman Old
25. Rinat Valiev | Joseph Woll
24. Garret Sparks
23. Eemeli Rasanen
22. Yegor Korshkov
21. Miro Aaltonen
20. Dmytro Timashov
19. Andrew Nielsen
18. Kerby Rychel
17. Calle Rosen
16. Andreas Borgman
15. Adam Brooks
14. Nikita Soshnikov
13. Jeremy Bracco
12. Carl Grundstrom
11. Andreas Johnsson
10. Travis Dermott
9. Josh Leivo
8. Connor Carrick
7. Timothy Liljegren
6. Connor Brown
5. Kasperi Kapanen
4. Morgan Rielly
3. Mitch Marner
2. William Nylander
1. Auston Matthews
25. Yegor Korshkov
24. Martins Dzierkals
23. Carl Grundstrom
22. Andrew Neilsen
21. Rinat Valiev
20. Tobias Lindberg
19. Travis Dermott
18. Josh Leivo
17. Brendan Leipsic - Vegas'd
16. Jeremy Bracco
15. Zach Hyman
14. Frank Corrado - traded
13. Dmytro Timashov
12. Andreas Johnson
11. Kerby Rychel
10. Nikita Soshnikov
9. Kasperi Kapanen
8. Martin Marincin
7. Connor Carrick
6. Nikita Zaitsev
5. Connor Brown
4. Morgan Rielly
3. Mitch Marner
2. William Nylander
1. Auston Matthews (duh)

TLN's top 20 (Calder-eligible) prospects
20. Nikolai Chebykin
19. Vladimir Bobylev/Bobylyov
18. Jesper Lindgren
17. Justin Holl
16. JD Greenway
15. Trevor Moore
14. Miro Aaltonen
13. Calle Rosen
12. Andreas Borgman
11. Dmytro Timashov
10. Eemeli Rasanen
9. Yegor Korshkov
8. Andreas Johnsson
7. Joseph Woll
6. Andrew Nielsen
5. Adam Brooks
4. Jeremy Bracco
3. Carl Grundstrom
2. Travis Dermott
1. Timothy Liljegren
20. Garret Sparks
19. Kasmir Kaskisuo
18. Adam Brooks
17. Yegor Korshkov
16. Tobias Lindberg
15. Andrew Nielsen
14. Carl Grundstrom
13. Zach Hyman
12. Brendan Leipsic
11. Jeremy Bracco
10. Nikita Soshnikov
9. Travis Dermott
8. Dmytro Timashov
7. Andreas Johnson
6. Connor Brown
5. Kasperi Kapanen
4. Nikita Zaitsev
3. William Nylander
2. Mitch Marner
1. Auston Matthews

Marlies & Prospect Talk / 2017-18 Marlies
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:19:41 AM »
What better way to kick off the new Marlies thread than with the announcement that Dubas has re-signed Dicky Clune!

Marlies & Prospect Talk / 2017 Draft Review
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:33:02 PM »
117Timothy Liljegren1999 (D-0)RD6'0"191 lbs
259Eemeli Rasanen1999 (D-0)RD6'7"208 lbs
4110Ian Scott1999 (D-0)G6'3"172 lbs
4124Vladislav Kara1998 (D+1)C/LW6'2"187 lbs
5141Fedor Gordeev1997 (D-0)LD6'6"211 lbs
6172Ryan McGregor1999 (D-0)C6'0"157 lbs
7203Ryan O'Connell1999 (D-0)LD6'1"208 lbs

11Auston Matthews1997 (D-0)C6'2"216 lbs
231Yegor Korshkov1996 (D+2)RW6'3"179 lbs
257Carl Grundstrom1997 (D-0)LW6'0"194 lbs
362Joseph Woll1998 (D-0)G6'3"196 lbs
372J.D. Greenway1998 (D-0)LD6'4"205 lbs
492Adam Brooks1996 (D+2)C5'11"176 lbs
4101Keaton Middleton1998 (D-0)LD6'5"234 lbs
5122Vladimir Bobylev1997 (D+1)LW/C6'2"203 lbs
6152Jonathan "Jack" Walker1996 (D+2)LW5'11"179 lbs
6179Nicolas Mattinen1998 (D-0)RD6'4"220 lbs
7182Nikolai Chebykin1997 (D+1)LW/RW6'3"209 lbs

14Mitch Marner1997 (D-0)C/RW5'11"163 lbs
234Travis Dermott1996 (D-0)LD5'11"196 lbs
261Jeremy Bracco1997 (D-0)RW/C5'9"172 lbs
365Andrew Nielsen1996 (D-0)LD6'3"207 lbs
368Martins Dzierkals1997 (D-0)LW/RW5'11"170 lbs
495Jesper Lindgren1997 (D-0)RD6'0"161 lbs
5125Dmytro Timashov1996 (D-0)LW/RW5'10"187 lbs
6155Stephen Desrocher1996 (D+1)LD6'4"198 lbs
7185Nikita Korostelev1997 (D-0)LW/RW6'1"194 lbs

General NHL News & Views / 2017 Off-season Trades/Signings Discussion
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:57:34 AM »
With the Expansion Draft looming on the heels of the Finals, and the NHL prospect draft shortly after that, it's going to be make or break time for GMs and their staff.

Kicking things off are the Blackhawks with a soon to be confirmed shakeup to their core:

NHL Transactions / Shayne Gostisbehere 6 years 4.5M AAV
« on: June 09, 2017, 07:27:58 PM »

I totally wrote his name from memory, so I hope I got it right.

CHL & NCAA Hockey / Draft Watch 2017
« on: December 17, 2016, 06:37:46 PM »
Needed a place to jot down some interesting names for the draft in 2017 for the less obvious choices down the line.

Looking at defensemen that interest me at the moment, because they're harder to track just from the stats. I don't watch any of the games, so I'm just making stabs in the dark while blindfolded with laser pointers pointed in. This is just my list of names to youtube once in awhile.

Cal Foote: Son of Adam, big RHD, sound defensive-minded, surprisingly mobile with offensive-upside.
Cale Makar: small, smart, skilled, playmaking RHD in AJHL; getting hyped by Bob.
Artyom Minulin: very smart RHD, excelling despite playing on a weak Swift Current squad, good all-round puck mover
Josh Brook: RHD, smart, smooth skating, distributes well, heavy wrister; points spiked this year compared to last
Conor Timmins: RHD on the SSM Greyhounds, heady, consistent, plays all situations
Brinson Pasichnuk: blueline triggerman (LHD), physical, undrafted last year

10-9-4, 24 points | 10-12-2, 22 points

Projected Lines








Frank Corrado
Connor Carrick
Peter Holland

Josh Leivo
Joseph Labate
Alex Biega

Line-up Notes
•Most of the Leafs should be fresh for this game, since they didn't play the last one.
•Though they were held scoreless, Nylander, Matthews, and Marner combined for 14 of the team's 39 shots on goal.
•Last time these two teams met on Nov. 1st, they combined for 171 penalty minutes, 157 of which came in the third.

•The Canucks are coming off a 3-1 Thursday loss to the Anaheim Ducks, who previously helped them kick off a 9-game losing streak. Vancouver had been 6-3-1 in their last ten up until then.
•The NHL will have extra eyes at and on this game due to the shenanigans of the two teams' previous meeting, and Gudbranson declaring to anyone that could hear him that "Matt Martin's dead".
•It's Hunlak vs Hutbranson going head to head for the lowest CF% pairing prize.


•Nathan Horton - Back - Out indefinitely
•Joffrey Lupul - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Out indefinitely
•Stephane Robidas - Old - Out indefinitely
•Josh Leivo - Inconvenient - Injured Reserve
•CarltonTheBear - Personal Leave - Day-to-day
•Anton Rodin - Thinking - Out indefinitely
•Alexander Edler - Finger - Injured Reserve
•Derek Dorsett - Upper Body - Injured Reserve
•Jannik Hansen - Rielly Sore Ribs - Injured Reserve
•Christopher Tanev - Lower Body - Injured Reserve

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General Info / Making Tables
« on: November 30, 2016, 09:57:03 AM »
I had been doing them by hand like a sucker pretty much since I started here. Well no longer. Not when there are computers that can do our bidding.
Sometimes you'll want to present a lot of aligned data, for example from a spreadsheet program (like Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.) and it can be a pain in the neck to present it on a forum or wiki in a friendly-to-read way. Maybe you'll just want to convert it to HTML but those programs always add a lot of weird formatting.

This page is here to help you out! After five easy steps below you'll just need to copy/paste the result to where you need it posted and you'll have a nice, neat table :-)

Also: In case you were misled by the title and really wanted to make a table in meat space:

2011 to 2017 GDTs (OLD) / Leafs @ Flames - Nov. 30th, 8:30 pm - SN, Fan 590
« on: November 30, 2016, 08:08:04 AM »
10-8-4, 24 points | 10-13-2, 22 points 

Projected Lines








Frank Corrado
Martin Marincin
Peter Holland

Josh Leivo
Freddie Hamilton
Garnet Hathaway
Brett Kulak

Line-up Notes
•Leafs washed out most of the McDavid hype on the back of Andersen's tremendous performance in a penalty-filled affair, and a balanced attack up and down the lineup. They are now 2-5-4 on the road this year.
•4th line centre extraordinaire, William Nylander, is tearing up the road splits, with 12 of his 16 pts in 11 road games. First line centre, Auston Matthews, is also a road warrior, with 13 of his 18 pts coming on the road.
•Leafs now have 3 double-digit goal scorers in Matthews, JvR, and Kadri, each from different lines.

•Calgary is back home after a 6-game Eastern road trip (3-2-1) and looking to bounce back from two straight losses to the Flyers and Islanders
•The season series with the Leafs was split last year, with Calgary taking their home game with a 4-3 win.


•Nathan Horton - Back - Out indefinitely
•Joffrey Lupul - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Out indefinitely
•Stephane Robidas - Old - Out indefinitely
•Josh Leivo - Inconvenient - Injured Reserve
•CarltonTheBear - Personal Leave - Day-to-day
•Johnny Gaudreau - Finger - Injured Reserve
•Lance Bouma - Shoulder - Out indefinitely
•Ladislav Smid - Neck - Out for the Season

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