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Never a dull moment when these two teams meet.

Feels good to see a Leaf win in regulation 'cause it's been too long.


MotM:   Gardiner
Hm:        Matthews

Good efforts by Hyman, Marner, Carrick, Kadri, Komarov, Brown, Hainsey.

6 Toronto            - Toronto @ Ottawa
5 Nashville          - Florida @ Nashville
3 San Jose          - Pittsbirgh @ San Jose
1 NYIslanders    - NYIslanders @ Chicago
2 Minnesota       - Tampa Bay @ Minnesota
4  Edmonton       - Vancouver @ Edmonton

It's starting to sound bleak around here, so for a deviation from the norm of conversation...

(Older January article): 
How Connor Carrick keeps himself in good health in terms of food choices/dietary regimen...

and, coffee for athletes:

MotM:   Andersen
Hm:     Brown     (Leafs are 23-3-3 when Brown scores)

Mentions to Gauthier, Hyman.

Gardiner should've played the man on his right once Nylander went after the puck.

Then Konecny has a clear lane to the net, as Nylander never gets to him in time - and we're blasting Gardiner for abandoning the middle of the ice/misplaying a 2-on-1, etc. Nylander put him in a bad position by chasing the puck instead covering Couturier.

They are both to blame.  Nylander for abandoning his position and Gardiner for poor execution of defensive position.  Gardiner had the opportunity of cutting off Couturier as he was coming toward the net.  Blocking the shot or staying in position instead of veering toward the puck carrier which Nylander was already doing.  Why double team Konecny?  At least if anyone had an opportunity to defend well, it was Gardiner as play got closer with Couturier on the side preparing for the eventual pass.  Gardiner decided to go the opposite direction.

Nylander surely read the play poorly in that unnecessary 2-on-1 giving the Flyers ample room to pounce.  Gardiner merely let them finish it by failing to either stay in position or attempt to cut off Couturier.  He did neither.

From Mirtle Mailbag (TheAthletic): A question someone posed...

Upon reading the response to the question, this is the summation I garnered (my own words):

Truth is, Babcock was deploying the usage of player minutes during his coaching tenure in Detroit, much in the same way he's doing with the Leafs.

Gardiner has the team's highest minutes players (22) and ranks 40th among defencemen n the league, while Matthews has the team's highest minutes and ranks 62nd among forwards in the league.

The Reilly/Hainsey pairing gets fewer minutes combined than the Gardiner/Zaltsev pairing.  At first this may seem odd, but the Leafs top D gets many more tough minutes at 5v5.

And of special teams?  Again, there is no particular strategy except that it's assigned to an odd mix of one or two lines/units/players. 

All of this points to some sort of the Bettle (Dr. Jeremy Bettle) approach that not only Babcock but the rest of the Leafs management (Science Dept., etc) has embraced.  Babcock has never been a user or distributor of minutes as evident throughout his coaching career.

8 Events / Re: 2017-2018 Pick'em Standings Thread
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:11:18 AM »
Leaderboard tallies including Round 15:

hockeyfan1         186
BarMutt              132
Leafaholic99        113

Results for Round 15:

WAYNEINIONA    9   Winner
hockeyfan1             8

WAYNEINIONA is this round's winner!  Over to you.

Standings page:

Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays Roster Discussion
« on: January 16, 2018, 02:31:22 AM »
The Granderson signing is pending a physical.

Granderson will platoon in RF and with Steve Pearce in LF & Pillar in CF, it does make for a reasonable trio of arms & legs.  However, according to MLB sources, the Jays were interested in Lorenzo Cain prior to the Granderson signing.
Their interest in Cain is not completely out of the woods yet.

Pearce/Pillar/Granderson + Cain. 

How the Maple Leafs prime their bodies for the grind of an 82-game season...

Here are a few hints:

For Connor Brown, sleep, and plenty of it, is key.  (Don't laugh, but it's purported that Lebron James gets half a day's worth of zzzzzzzs).

For Uncle Leo, it's a little bit of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that everyone else on the team does.

For Tyler Bozak, it's specialized compression-air  apparatus for his legs, and Cryotherapy.  Yes, Cryotherapy, or the usage of cold chambers.  Uncle Leo's a fan, too.

For JVR, it's a back contraption and skate inserts.  Not a guy to divulge too much.

For Patty Marleau, it's alternating in hot/cold tub dips.

For Roman  Nada. Nothing.  Just eat & sleep.  Simple.

For those who subscribe, there's lots more details here:

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2017-2018 NHL Thread
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:47:38 AM »
Good article on NHL parity...

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Science Thread
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:18:57 PM »
Almost makes for Art Deco style...

The driver was on narcotics at time of crash.

All Sports But Hockey / Re: 2017-1018 NFL Thread
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:38:51 AM »
Conference Championship is set for Sunday Jan.21st:

NFC Conf. Championship:  Vikings @ Eagles
AFC Conf. Championship:  Jaguars @ Patriots

Source:   CBSSports

All Sports But Hockey / Re: 2017-1018 NFL Thread
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:31:38 AM »
NFL playoffs are continuing for the race to the Super Bowl (Feb.4th in Minneapolis).

With both the  Buffalo Bills (AFC) & the New Orleans Saints (NFC) eliminated in the Wild Card game -- the former by the Jacksonville Jaguars and the latter by the Philadelphia Eagles -- the stage was now all set for the Divisional playoffs in earnest.

On Saturday, the NFC Divisional playoff round featured the Philadelphia Eagles 15-10 winners over the Atlanta Falsons, and the New England Patriots overwhelming the Tenessee Titans 35-14.

Sunday's AFC Divisional playoff round had the Jacksonville Jaguars edging the Pittsburgh Steelers 45-42, and the NFC's Minnesota Vikings outlasting  the New Orleans Saints 29-24.

Source:  CBSSports

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