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Why are the Leafs taking more penalties than drawing on a consistent basis.  They are fast and don't play very physical.  It seems odd.

Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Ranking Prospects - 2017-18
« on: November 19, 2017, 10:59:09 AM »
One thing about Johnsson is that it took him about half a year to get going in the AHL last year....he was also coming off a concussion from that dirty Albany team in the postseason the year before.

HM Matthews

So Andersen now has 3 shutouts on the season already.  His career high is 4.  He's really turned it around.  Very impressive.

Coming into this 6-game win streak Andersen had an .895 SV%.  After tonight his SV% is up to .914

Last year the Leafs 4th line was pretty awful offensively.

Martin/Boyle/Gauthier/Soshnikov/Smith - 14G 14A 28P

This year: Martin/Moore - 4G 8A 12P

Is there any player more disappointing that Mitch Marner this year?

15 points in 21 games.

Whoops.  I guess Niemi still sucks

Zaitsev what are you doing?

Fed up with the stick work/questionable hits all night?  It's weird because Zaitsev isnt' really a guy who even really gets involved in scrums.

Martin to Marner to Matthews.   Just how it should be?

Montreal took liberties with Kadri there, if you’re dressing Martin he better fill someone in.

Martin is only there to protect Rielly, Marner, Matthews and Nylander.  Babcock will need to dress another fighter to protect the other guys.

So Patches runs Kadri from behind right in front of the ref....and then Benn has Kadri collared and Weber gets to start throwing punches at him.  Meanwhile while that was a targeting hit from Kadri he didn't hit him high.  He didn't hit him with an elbow. It was just an attempt at a hit.

Marleau is 20 assists away from 600 and 4 points away from 1100 points.

I don't understand these lines. 

Matthews and Marner with Martin.

Dominic Moore playing with Bozak and JVR.  Hyman and Brown with Marleau?

Kadri now has 42 goals and 79 points in 103 games under his 6 year contract.   4.5M well spent

Oh boy...that was a great shot but a terrible goal

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