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When do we get to start calling Marleau washed up?

Brutal by Hainsey on the tying goal and Marner on the winning goal. The Leafs have no offensive spark and no confidence.

Nylander looks pretty out of whack.


So, what other players in the league wear #3?

Lou is strange.

It is strange, but I'm sure he didn't choose #3 to begin with, it was just given to him.  Not sure why they'd suddenly take it away unless they have a trade incoming where a #3 is on the way in?

They're probably just preparing to retire the jersey of Leafs legend Dion Phaneuf.

Gardiner played over 28 minutes last night? Woah. Babs really leaned heavily on him eh? I'm not pointing any fingers at anybody here because I actually think it's more of a social media thing where this happens, but it's funny how the same people who often scream "Babcock trusts Polak you have to respect that because he's the coach" are usually the same ones saying Gardiner is a terrible defenceman.

I've never understood the Gardiner hate that has persisted over the years. I think there's a certain type of fan who relies on the eyeball test without being fully aware of the value of possession, positioning, and the ability to rush with the puck. To their mind's eye, Gardiner looks like he's playing lackadaisical even where, for the most part, he isn't.

Gardiner is pretty clearly the Leafs' second best defencemen (and was, until recently, their best), so the idea that he should be lumped in with the likes of Polak, Komarov and Martin is laughable.

Agree. I'm not sure what Kadri and Marleau's problems are the past while

 (ahem ** Komarov?  **)

They've definitely been off lately regardless of Komarov, though.
Komarov is def an issue but c'mon. Kadri has no goals in 15 games and 1 assist in 19...That's pathetic.

Playing exclusively with Komarov, who has been an offensive black hole the entire season. Komarov should have been demoted to the fourth line 10 weeks ago, but instead Babcock has him anchored to Kadri’s side. Not to mention kadris other winger, Marleau, has looked washed up for about 10 games (though I have faith that he’ll snap out of it).

I’d love to see Kapanen inserted into Komarov’s spot. Clearly something has to give, since the line hasn’t produced in ages.

There is no longer any doubt that Babcock’s decision-making (both in game and roster) is hurting the team. He’s playing the wrong line up, the wrong lines, and the wrong system for the make up of this team, and he refuses to make adjustments.

Just for example, why is the team still chipping the puck out of their own zone and dumping it in rather than rushing with it? They have elite speed and yet barely ever draw penalties because they almost never have the puck in the neutral zone.

The sad part is that nothing in his post game comments suggests that he’ll be making changes following the bye week.

Babcock failing to shorten his bench and make any adjustments whatsoever. This is a recording.

Toronto media has given Babcock almost a total free pass but at some point that needs to stop. He should be grilled hard on this Polak/Komarov/Martin nonsense.

There seems to be literally nothing Polak can do to play himself out of the line-up, which is a sad testament to Babcock's irrational favouratism.


Actually I think this one is on Gardiner for that awkward assignment switch.

Nope that’s still mostly on Nylander for staring at the puck and doing absolutely nothing. I think gardiner expected nylander to at least try to pick up his defensive assignment, so he went for the pick carrier. Nylander then just floated in.

It’s such a pleasure watching a TSN broadcast, from the play by play to the intermission crew. Sportsnet has had years to figure it out and can’t seem to let the likes of Kypreos and Greg “no doubt about it” Millen go.

Man Komarov is a black hole. How do you possibly miss from there.

Bobrovsky did a great job getting back into position to make that save. Not sure it would have counted if it had gone in - probably would have been overturned on goaltender interference.

I think you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of whether it would have counted he had no stock and Komarov shot directly at the crest.

Man Komarov is a black hole. How do you possibly miss from there.

Marleau is kind of playing like an old man.

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