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2018 NHL Playoffs / Re: Golden Knights (P1) vs. Sharks (P3)
« on: Yesterday at 10:21:46 PM »
Minute and five seconds later, 3-0.

2018 NHL Playoffs / Re: Golden Knights (P1) vs. Sharks (P3)
« on: Yesterday at 10:19:46 PM »
Vegas up 2-0 not even 5 minutes in.  Score two goals 26 seconds apart. 


Thank you ZBBM. 

A big thank you to CarltonTheBear for all the first class game day threads again this year.  Fist bump to Herman and Nik for filling in on a few as well. 

I wonder if any of the reporters give Babcock a grilling on his ice time distribution. It was evident pretty early on that Gardiner was struggling and Dermott was playing well yet Gardner ends up playing 24 minutes to 11 for Dermott.

Kapanen scored an amazing shorty and be played under 9 minutes??? Like c'mon some of this is on the coach for not managing his team in game

The kids from the Marlies were nice-to-haves; I agree they're generally the better option, but the coach has gone through the entire season leaning on his prime players to pretty good effect and you sort of have to bank on that. I'd like Babcock to be faster on the uptake, but that's just how I see it.

I thought Kapanen and Johnsson should've been up with the Leafs last year instead of Matt Martin and whoever so that they'd be ready to be relied upon this year, but there's also their confidence and developmental readiness to account for. Johnsson said he appreciated the extra time they afforded him with the Marlies, rather than calling him up to be the franchise saviour and yo-yoing him when he inevitably faltered a bit.
You pay the coach 6 million a year to do whatever it takes to win. He's got to assess who's playing well and who doesn't have it. It was fairly evident to everyone that Gardiner didn't have it tonight, evident to everyone but the coach. Part of the blame goes to the coach

Winning at all costs isn't his job though.  Throwing the young guys to the wolves and destroying their confidence isn't Babcock's job.  The Leafs are trying to build something long term, and bringing along your younger players is more important. 

The pain of being a Leafs fan never seems to go away.

And McQuaid's back, must have been a super serious injury.

They used that spray they use in the soccer games.

That was freaking amazing!!!  WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Daddy Paddy!

Hey, Leafs scored. 

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs Playoffs - Casual Fan Edition
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:53:46 AM »
Is the safe word still waffle-cheeks?

Nope, we've changed it up to floccinaucinihilipilification.

I miss all the good meetings.

There was punch and pie too. 

Anyway that's my armchair criticism/observation for the day ;)  I'm happy the Leafs made a series out of this; Boston is clearly the superior team.
I was thinking that last night especially during the second period, but upon further reflection...I don't think it's clear cut. The Bruins are certainly more effective at certain phases of the game. They are more effective at establishing offensive zone play, better along the boards whereas the Leafs are more of a quick-strike offense. This makes the game look skewed in the Bruins favor but here we are 3-3 with one game to go. Both goalies have been good but Andersen has been better the past 2 games so I don't think one can say that the Bruins are clearly superior overall...

I think the biggest advantage Boston has is more experienced players.  There are still a few players on that team left over from their Cup winning team.  They also went to the finals in 2013.

Leafs have Hainsey who has a cup, outside of that the only players on the Leafs who have won a playoff round are Marleau, Plekanec and Polak. 

This is a learn on the fly series for the young guys, and I think the Leafs have looked better and better with each game.  We'll see how good they look Wednesday. 


Hey Rick Astley is interviewing Andersen again.

He's never gonna give him up.

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