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2nd in the East, 5th overall. No matters what happens I'm enjoying this now.
Never forget Leafs were 30th two seasons ago
I was just thinking that it's really amazing how far this team has come in such a short period of time.

But he knocked McEvoy into Rask.
At this point I really have no idea where the line is on goalie interference, but I doubt anyone would really have been surprised if that one had been called back. It's just nice to be on the other side of the decision for once.

I think the Leafs have demonstrated they can play with anyone in the league on any given night. How well they would hold up in a long series against a team like Boston remains to be seen, but I'm very encouraged by what I've seen over the past few weeks.

Leafs get a break for once! But still...not much rhyme or reason to those calls.

Yeah, they probably should but you never know...

Well, no matter what happens in the 3rd I applaud the Leafs for playing a much better game than last time.
Yep, Leafs look solid. Good game to watch.

Kapanen will eventually learn not to pass to Komarov.

Man, is he fast. I hope the Leafs don't trade him. Would rather see JVR go.

Kadriís line is aiming to zero out Bergeron (as best they can)
They're doing their job admirably.

Sarcasm alert!

Well the problem is, if you concede all offense you wind up playing too much in the defensive zone and eventually things happen.

Kadriís line is aiming to zero out Bergeron (as best they can)
They're doing their job admirably.

Marner on fire lately. Wow!

Nylander with Marner could be a nice thing.
They certainly worked well there. Now if we can only overcome the effect of Komodrag on the Kadri line.

Leafs warm-up lines looked a little different:

Switch Komarov and Kapanen and I can deal with that...though I'd rather just leave Marner with Kadri and put Kapanen with Nylander.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Trade Deadline
« on: February 23, 2018, 09:16:35 PM »
One could also argue that Burke, through his decisions to trade for and build the team around Kessel, and hire Carlyle as coach...laid the groundwork for the Leafs to descend to the NHL depths and eventually draft Matthews. So maybe he deserves even more credit.

Seriously, though, I wonder if Matthews is going to have to modify his playing style a bit.  Because he's very good at it, it seems like he tries to (rather violently) gyrate out of a lot of tight situations while still maintaining puck control, putting himself into awkward positions of vulnerability.  Last night's injury wasn't like that exactly, I realize.
He's definitely been getting hit more often and harder lately from what I can see. Other teams have seemed to figure out how to slow him down a bit. And I think you're right, he does seem to put himself into some vulnerable positions. I was thinking last night that he kinds of plays like a small finesse player, in a big body. He seems to not be as nimble as someone like Nylander, who is great at avoiding hits. May have to adjust the style a bit, maybe even become a bit more physical himself. Either that, or we need to put Martin on his LW  ;)

Is that the pre- or post-MRI report...they already knew it was shoulder this morning, right?

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