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Ok Blue Jays Talk / Re: Jays Roster Discussion
« on: Yesterday at 09:09:19 PM »
I will give you the left handed bat as well as the addition of another OF, which they just did in a trade with St. Louis for Grichuk, but otherwise I see no particular upgrade in having Granderson over Bautista, subject to the proviso that Jose would come back for $5M.

As for Grichuk, a batting average of .238 does not impress me.

So, you're just going to ignore that he's a significant defensive upgrade, and virtually every offensive metric had him as substantially more valuable than Bautista this past season?

From the overhead angle, it does look like Nylander has little to no effect on Konecny. From the ice level angles, Nylander is a presence that forces him wide into no shot territory. And it's not like Nylander changed his mind partway, he was immediately looking and tracking the puck carrier upon the whiff from Matthews.

Disagree. Konecny starts out wide, and it's Gardiner in front of him taking away his lane to the net that keeps him there. If Nylander stays with Couturier, Konecny stays wide because he has no lane on the inside. Nylander had no influence.

I read that and immediately said Nylander had no chance of influencing Konecny on his backcheck like Bourne thinks he can.  Gardiner made a poor decision, but he was forced into making one on a 2v1 because Nylander played it wrong.

Agreed - especially if Gardiner goes to Couturier any earlier. Konecny isn't charging in at full speed because he doesn't have a clear path to the net and he'll need to make a play with the puck from near the faceoff dot. If his path is clear, the gap between him and Nylander would have been much larger, as he'd be charging hard at the net - and, even as it was, Konecny was still out of the range of Nylander's stick.

Gardiner challenges Konecny too early, sure, but he should never have been put into that situation in the first place.

Exactly. Does anyone seriously see any of those teams going on a big run?

All it takes is a goalie to get hot - and two of those teams have goalies very much capable of carrying their team for a stretch.

Gardiner should've played the man on his right once Nylander went after the puck.

Then Konecny has a clear lane to the net, as Nylander never gets to him in time - and we're blasting Gardiner for abandoning the middle of the ice/misplaying a 2-on-1, etc. Nylander put him in a bad position by chasing the puck instead covering Couturier.

Nylander saw Gardiner starting to shade the pass, so Nylander went for the carrier, and then Gardiner also went for the carrier.

Gardiner is playing in the middle of the ice like he's supposed to in that situation. He's reading the developing play and giving himself options. If Nylander sticks to his man, Gardiner is well positioned to take away Konecny's route to the net. Once Nylander abandons Couturier to chase the puck, Gardiner is forced to treat the play like a 2-on-1 (which, admittedly, he played poorly). Nylander read the play horribly, and things compounded from there.

At this rate the smart money is to be a seller at the deadline, we have some great trade chips and Id rather see rookies in the team learning than a bunch of vets that the coach is in love with that can apparently do no wrong.

That, and with the way they're going IF they can hold onto their playoff spot (something that seemed pretty much locked up not that long ago, but, with the way they're playing, I'm not comfortable assuming as much now), they're not making out of the division. This team cannot beat Tampa or a team capable of beating Tampa.

Another OT goal against where Nylander doesn't pick up the right guy. On a back check. Thought maybe Gardiner should have gone to the other guy but he had to take the puck carrier.

Nylander has a bad tendency to puck watch 3-on-3. He's too talented not to have him out there, but, someone's gotta sit him down and learn him how to read those plays better.

Credit to @B1rky on twitter for a good little summary of some of what ails the Leafs.

Toronto barely made it into the playoffs last season. They'll get in this year because there is no pressure from the teams below them. But they're probably still the 7th or 8th best team in the East. In a league where slightly more than half of the teams make the playoffs.

mirtle: Leafs have five regulation/overtime wins in their last 20 games.

At this rate, that's not even a certainty. If one of Florida, Montreal, or Detroit go on a stretch where they win 7 or 8 out of 10, and the Leafs keep fumbling around, it's gonna get awfully tight.

mirtle: Leafs have five regulation/overtime wins in their last 20 games.

Welp, Matthews is never starting OT again.

Polak basically skated all around the defensive zone on that last shift. For a second he was covering the opposing defenceman. That isn't a good thing.

That's somehow Dermott's fault.

Polak on the ice when we get hemmed in for 2mins. Defensive defenseman. Although to be fair we deserve to lose this now. Just puke worthy.

It's uncanny how often he's on the ice when the Leafs are hemmed in their own zone.

Dermott gets shift #2 of the period.

And thanks to the Leafs getting hemmed in after Polak tries to one-hand a pass along the blue line, Dermott probably doesn't get a 3rd.

Leafs are playing 5-D basically now. Dermott had just 1 shift early in the 3rd. He'll learn much better watching from the bench though.

Meanwhile, Polak's giveaway on the PK almost leads to the go-ahead goal. So, like 4 more minutes for him the rest of the way?

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