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The third period last night was how I envisioned this team to be capable of playing. Hard work + skill + overwhelming waves of speed and not spending much time in your own zone.

Martin was completely held off the ice midway into the 2nd and on. Komarov and Soshnikov got some spot shifts when we were still double shifting Nylander and Marleau. They sat the rest of the game once we went down to three lines.

Leading up to that, I kind of liked the two defensive lines Babcock was mulling over: slow/heavy defense with Martin - Kadri - Komarov; fast defense with Soshnikov - Marleau - Brown. Way better than the useless 4th line we had last year. But itíd be even better as
Komarov - Kadri - Brown
Soshnikov - Marleau - Kapanen

Welp, thatís not great.

Huberdeau skated the puck back at the blueline.

Oh look. Martin was on the bench.


I looked at the gif. He got the puck first.

Um no penalty shot?

Edit: fair

Leafs crushed the shot share in the third.

Generally speaking, I understand that the ref will call the retaliation, but the guy was nailed twice in thirty seconds. If the refs call either one they defuse the situation and Kadri doesn't lose it.

With <1m, and your team on the Pk, you probably have immunity to commit any level of misdemeanour.

Kadri gets crosschecked twice and gets dinged on a very weak call.

They do all their work on the PP

Stamkos and Kucherov are tied for 2nd in 5-on-5 scoring.

It ainít first though  :-*

Iíll co-sign this. Dictate your game. Make them play your way.

Wonder if the way they've played since Babs changed his strategy this period will have any impact on his thinking going forward. It'll be a track meet some nights, but that's usually going to be in the Leafs' favour.

Itís reminiscent of the early games, coupled with better defensive structure and breakouts.

Romanuk hasnít noticed Martin hasnít played in awhile, right?

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