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Nylander saw Gardiner starting to shade the pass, so Nylander went for the carrier, and then Gardiner also went for the carrier.

Gardiner is playing in the middle of the ice like he's supposed to in that situation. He's reading the developing play and giving himself options. If Nylander sticks to his man, Gardiner is well positioned to take away Konecny's route to the net. Once Nylander abandons Couturier to chase the puck, Gardiner is forced to treat the play like a 2-on-1 (which, admittedly, he played poorly). Nylander read the play horribly, and things compounded from there.
Gardiner should've played the man on his right once Nylander went after the puck.

Why do the defenseman never play the pass receiver? Let the guy with the puck take the shot.

Of course we lose. This is a recording.

Why are we always hemmed with a slow lumbering defenseman on the ice? Don't understand.

I mean at least show a gutsy effort. It looks like we're rolling over except Andersen is begging us to keep playing.

Polak on the ice when we get hemmed in for 2mins. Defensive defenseman. Although to be fair we deserve to lose this now. Just puke worthy.

Leafs are playing 5-D basically now. Dermott had just 1 shift early in the 3rd. He'll learn much better watching from the bench though.

Meanwhile, Polak's giveaway on the PK almost leads to the go-ahead goal. So, like 4 more minutes for him the rest of the way?
No, the fans want Babcock to ride his horses so Polak is out for the rest of the game.

So does Babcock think the right way of playing is coughing up leads and looking like shit night in, night out? 3-2 losses are the right way to lose.

We had a couple of our own hits go uncalled so.... Meh.

Watching NBC feed. Still debating if it was offside. Coach didn't challenge, enough already!

Man that was so close to being offside. Happy we got it though.

Brown with a similar goal from last game.

This team is truly painful to watch these days.

This was one of the longest and worst renditions of the US Anthem I've ever heard lol.

This team is ridiculous. Honestly.

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