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You guys are merciless.

Poor madferret has probably gone to live on a cave in Laos.

Well, not that I have anything personal against MadFerret, but most of those fans of other teams just came around when their teams were good to troll us in a passive aggressive manner.  Some more aggressively than passively.

I was always suspicious about madferret and the other guys that were either Sens or Habs fans.  Funny they're not around any longer.

I get the schadenfreude of watching your rivals suffer, but we're on a Leafs board, and when we take pleasure in their pain we're not directly attacking Sens/Habs fans on here.  If I was a member of a Sens or Habs internet forum, I wouldn't be pretending to be un-biased.  I would passively aggressively troll them, which is what I think those guys were doing.   That's why I wouldn't belong to other hockey boards, the temptation to troll would be too high.  I'd rather just share in the joy and misery with other Leafs fans, at least we all have common ground here.


I think it's always a good sign when the GM you just made a trade with feels the need to tell the media to not be so hard on you and that, actually, the trade you made wasn't as big of a loss as it seemed.

That's called "future fleecing candidate appeasement"

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2018-2019 NHL Thread
« on: Yesterday at 10:31:13 PM »

Montreal's new 1C, everybody.
I bet Tie shed a tear of joy. "My boy" *bites lip*

It was weird seeing the Leafs on the PK without Hainsey

Yeah I was gonna say Marincin has looked pretty good out there tonight

Andersen looking steady

Tyler Ennis is no Nylander

I saw 47 out there and was like OH No Komarov is back!

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Contracts for the Big-3
« on: Yesterday at 02:55:54 PM »
With the slow trickle of RFAs getting signed you have to hope the Nylander situation is cleared up by this weekend.  That gives him the week of training camp and he could get into a couple of exhibition games before the season starts.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Contracts for the Big-3
« on: Yesterday at 12:04:51 PM »

Reinhart and the Sabres appear to be ending their stalemate by going the bridge route. Reinhart was drafted 2nd overall in 2014, Nylander 8th overall. Reinhart scored 50 points last season, and 47 points the season before that. Nylander has back-to-back years of 61 points.

A 2 year bridge for Nylander would most likely be $4.5 using this as an example

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Contracts for the Big-3
« on: Yesterday at 11:08:58 AM »
I'd love to be privy to these conversations between team and agent.  When it gets down to it how difficult is it to hammer out a deal?  I mean you see UFA's sign on July 1 very quickly, why does it take so long in some cases for RFAs to work out a deal?

Do they talk every day?  Do they sit and stew if one side says "we're not moving off this number and term"? 

At the end of the day I'm sure Dubas and company have a range they're comfortable with so why is it so difficult to get to that point?  As it's been mentioned, Nylander or any RFA has very little leverage, is he going to go play in the KHL -- highly doubtful and even then he doesn't come back with anymore leverage than he currently has.  I'm just wondering how this can drag on for weeks and weeks instead of just getting hammered out in days.

Ozhiganov went glass and out on one play I recall last night, shades of Roman Polak.

Similar to a dump-in a the blue line, glass and out is sometimes the right play, i.e. when it is the only viable play that doesn't result in immediate continued possession by the offense. Gardiner should maybe use it a bit more. It's a big problem if it's the only play the defense knows how to make to get out of the zone when their partner is unavailable (Polak, Hainsey).

Yeah I was just being funny.  Can't draw any conclusions from one preseason game, want to see how Oz handles all situations before I determine whether he can move the puck better than Polak. Let's hope he's an upgrade.

Interested to see Lindholm tonight.  Know exactly 0 about him or if he's any good.

I realize that this comment may go against the grain of many fans on this board, but I’m really starting to think the Leafs would be better off trying to trade William Nylander to shore up the defense.

They already have a plethora of star forwards in this lineup, with or without Nylander in the fold, and with guys like Andreas Johnnson and Kasperi Kapanen ready to take the next step this season, the forward group is set for years to come. Their archilles heel right now is not having nearly enough capable D-men to truly round out the team into cup contending form.

I don’t have trade proposals , but I think a solid defenceman could be shaken free from a team looking for a gifted young forward of Nylanders ilk.

Winning the Tavares sweepstakes has given the club the opportunity to make a trade like this without sacrificing too much offence, and no matter what people say about the ‘new’ NHL, I still strongly believe you win championships with solid defence.

I hear what you're saying, but I can't agree on this one.  I think Nylander is an elite level winger, and you'll never get a fair piece back for that.  I think he's ready to have a breakout year, a little more luck and a little more ice time and he could push through to be a point a game player this season.  Trading him for a steady young dman would have shades of Hall for Larsson type deal, and we all know how that one worked out with Hall just winning the Hart trophy.

It's funny that the apparent ask for Willy's contract is in the $8M range, and I think he and his agent knows he's ready to earn that money.  If we get him on a lower cap hit, his contract will probably look like a bargain in 3 years.

You brought up the plethora of young wingers, I say let the Johnsson and Kapanens of the world prove themselves as good scoring wingers, and if one of them breaks through and can score 20 goals, he's the guy you move in a trade.  I just think Nylander has a next level type of skill that the other guys don't possess, so you'll do much better in a deal giving away a good scoring winger as opposed to someone like Nylander who can be more than that.

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