Couch’s Corner: Shots, Kadri, Daily Links


Yes, it was a win.  Yes, the Leafs squad was collectively fighting the flu.  But damn it, they still gave up 41 shots from Boston.

Thankfully Bernier was on his game, or we could be talking about another Leafs loss to the Bruins.

They’re back at home vs the Sabres tonight.  Let’s hope the boys work towards winning not just the scoreboard, but the shotclock as well.

Waldo’s been spotted; no sign of Kadri though…

What’s with Nazem Kadri?  What does he show up for – roughly half the games?

The kid has a ton of talent, but it doesn’t show nearly enough for this ink-stained wretch.  Oh, and if he does show, it’s usually only in the offensive zone.  His defence woes, which have been well documented, are still weak at best. Not sure if he just doesn’t get it, or is he lazy?

I’m just thinking out loud here…  I wonder what he’d look like on the wing?

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