Couch’s Corner: disaster, firings, and daily news links

What a freaking disaster.  Another big loss, this one 6-1 versus the Canes.  Really, there’s not much more to say.

The Leafs were outplayed, outskated, and lacked any sense of urgency.

Remier took the loss, and was shaky on a few shots, but also made some really good saves early.  It’s clearly not a goaltender issue.

Countdown to a Firing???

What’s the solution?  A firing?  You can’t fire the star players, no matter how bad they are playing.  It’ll be either a coach or GM that pays the price.  Neither is safe.

If I were to make a change, I’d be doing it around the Olympic games, and take a bit of time in the search.

And if I were Carlyle, it’d be looking over my shoulder.  It’s getting that bad.

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