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Couch’s Corner: Leafs Face Pens

It’s the Leafs and Pens tonight, in Pittsburgh.  TSN broadcasts and SN590 has the radio call.  The Leafs have to come out with a far better performance than they did after the recent 6-0 loss to the Jackets. Joffrey Lupul and Dave Bolland will miss the game due to injuries.  Lupul will likely be out 2 weeks.

Bernier is expected to get the start, and Jake Gardiner will be a healthy scratch.

Here’s the TMLfans game discussion.

 SportsNet Breaks The Bank

The N.H.L. announced a 12-year, $4.9 billion deal Tuesday that gives Rogers Communications the exclusive rights to all national hockey telecasts in Canada beginning next season.  I’m still up-in-the-air about it.  Here’s a great breakdown of the deal.  Fighting For Stanley suggests that Leafs fans come out on top of this deal.

New Contract For Bolland?

Despite Bolland being injured, Pension Plan Puppets checks out speculation that he could have a new deal in the works.

Trade Talk and Rumours

HockeyBuzz has an article looking at how the Leafs are fairing right now, if they’re stable, and who they should trade with.

Is Carlyle’s Time Up?

Howard Berger takes a look into the suggestion that the players might be tuning coach Carlyle out. I tend not to think so – I think the Leafs are what they are, which isn’t as good as their record shows.  Carlyle can’t go out and score goals, which is one of the worries right now – we might have lost 6-0 to Columbus, but we didn’t put the biscuit in the basket.

Movement in the Blueline

Maple Leafs Hotstove takes a really good look at how Carlyle might be shuffling his rearguard around.  You had to know that would be coming looking at how many shots Reimer and Bernier face nightly.

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