Stats Plus – Sept 12


September is the most optimistic month in the hockey season. Each team feels this is their year, whether their goal is the Stanley Cup or simply to make the playoffs. If their goal is the latter, then they have a right to be pumped up. I looked at the last seasons since the lockout once removed in 2005 to see how many changes there were among the 16 playoff teams each year.

For example, last season saw 5 different teams crash the post-season from the 11-12 campaign: Anaheim, Minnesota, Montreal, the Islanders and Toronto. All told an average of 4.5 different teams made the playoffs each year with a high of six (09-10 season) to a low of three. (in both 10-11 & 06-07)

There are currently seven teams that have playoff droughts of three seasons or longer:
Edmonton 7
Winnipeg/Atlanta 6
Dallas 5
Columbus 4
Calgary 4
Carolina 4
Colorado 3
The lesson here is unless you are Chicago, it is not good to have your city name being with a “C”

On the flip side, there are only five teams that have consecutive playoff runs of six seasons or more:
Detroit 22
San Jose 9
Pittsburgh 7
Washington 6
Boston 6

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