The Voice of Bob Cole

Bob Cole HNICThere aren’t many voices more recognizable to Canadians than the one of Bob Cole.

The guy is a legend.  Hockey fans instantly know when he’s calling a game on Hockey Night in Canada – the voice is that distinct.

And in the playoffs, Bob is a pro.  Just like players on the ice, he ups his game as well.

There are times in mid-season that he makes the odd mistake, and you quietly wonder – does he still have what it takes?  Again, playoffs show a man ready to craft his words not to just call what he sees, but also pass on the feel of the game to his watchers.  Nobody does it as well.  He interprets the game better than anyone.  And for a guy hitting 80 years old, he’s still near the top of his game.

There are some really good play-by-play men out there.  Joe Bowen is good in Toronto.  Dennis Beyak in Winnipeg is also a pro.  And the next best to Bob, for me at least, is Jim Hughson. But none of them are Bob.

Hockey fans in Canada are lucky to have him.  He’s one of a kind.  Next game he’s calling, just sit back and take in how he lays a game out for the viewer.

Here’s the best of Bob Cole, in Youtube format.



  1. Broken Stick

    Yes, Bob is in a class with Foster and Danny when it comes to calling the game. Went to university with Bob in the early 1960s. He was doing local hockey in St. John’s then and doing a great job at it too.

    Jim is all right but I find some of his side comments a little over-stated at times, Joe Bowen i really like.

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