Don Sanderson: 1987-2009 guest columnist Monika Moravan reflects on the tragedy that claimed the life of Don Sanderson:

Don Sanderson, a player for the Whitby Dunlops of Major League Hockey died earlier today. He had been in a coma since getting into a fight with Corey Fulton of the Brantford Blast on December 12, 2008. Sanderson is the first player to die as the direct result of a head injury since Bill Masterton.

Those calling for an end to hockey violence before a player is killed have missed the boat by roughly a century. Verifiable deaths happened over one hundred years ago, and there might well have been some before that, lost in the dim light of hockey’s dawn. Historical records show Owen McCourt died way back in 1907. Edgar Dey won the 1909 Stanley Cup with the Ottawa Hockey Club but didn’t get to regale grandkids with tales of the grand feat; he died three years later. Cause of death? In both cases, complications from on-ice head injuries. The only NHL player to lose his life as a direct result of playing the game was Bill Masterton; he lives on in the NHL trophy bearing his name.

The latest ammunition in the arguments about hockey violence, specifically hits to the head, is a 21-year-old young man. Don Sanderson of the storied Whitby Dunlops lay in a Hamilton hospital, unaware of the debate his injury triggered. Sanderson was used to dangling a puck on a string. His parents watched fate dangle their comatose son’s life in front of tear-filled eyes, while sitting next to a hospital bed far from home.

Sanderson was doing what so many Canadians do with their precious few hours of winter leisure time – playing hockey. Most post-adolescent players sweat it out in various beer leagues. Sanderson plied his craft at a higher level in Major League Hockey, successor to the Ontario Hockey Association. Unlike the typical Friday night post-work shinny, the OHA has been host to many top players, including former NHLers Rick Vaive, Wayne Cowley(one NHL game still counts), Peter Zezel, Gilbert Dionne, and Todd Harvey. Winners of the championship get the chance to compete for the Allen Cup, Canada’s top honour for senior amateur male hockey.

Don Sanderson won’t get that chance this season. His stats show the defenceman was not a finesse player. During three seasons in the OJMHL – Junior A – he racked up 195 penalty minutes in 75 games, finding time to notch 2 goals and 7 assists. Even though he was not drafted into the OHL, Sanderson had no trouble getting on the Whitby Dunlops roster.

In a league that supposedly has zero tolerance for fighting, Sanderson and Corey Fulton, (the Brantford Blast player he fought with) had combined for seven fighting majors in their combined 18 games. The fact that each major came with a game misconduct was not a deterrent. No one can guarantee Sanderson would not be in a coma if his helmet stayed on. Save the bets for the Super Bowl. Helmets, like seat belts can be life savers.

One side in the battle over head hits makes the point that violence and fighting have always been a part of hockey. This is historically inaccurate. Organised hockey was originally a game of skill and endurance, having nothing to do with pugilistic punches. The game was so tame, women(referred to back then as the fairer sex) were encouraged to play in their own matches. This camp also makes the case that giving penalties for improperly secured helmets would be too onerous a task for NHL referees. If they can measure for illegal sticks and dole out sin bin minutes for flappy fight straps, shifty helmets should logically be another night at the rink for the zebras.

Those in favour of banning head shots and calling for penalties on improperly secured helmets are accused of changing the game, making it a “sissy” sport. Bad situations require good changes. From the time hockey players first lace ‘em up they’re told to keep both hands on the stick, keep said stick on the ice, and “keep your head up.” The cry to mandate keeping those heads covered, regardless of age, is getting louder and louder.

Don Sanderson did not live long enough to hear it.



  1. Debbie Dollimount

    My boy Tyler Zeer, died in Sept. 2004 after a direct helmet to helmet football practice drill caused an artery to erupt in his brain. He died at 16 after being on life support for 5 days. He complained to me about the fit of his helmet the night before. There was a fatality inquirey held in Calgary, in short nothing was really determined on why this happened. (Review is online) Another boy, 15, died this past summer playing lacrosse in Ontario, after head to head contact during a game in a similar way. What I have learned is between the ages of 14 -22 your brain is the biggest it will be in your life, there is little room for bleeding, swelling and trauma. Tyler had no room for the bleed, the pressure caused his brain to basically crush his brain stem. All sports should make high priorities about limiting all/any head trauma situations, including fighting, to save lives. Coaches, trainers and parents need to instill this into their kids, scare them with it if neccessary, most kids feel they are invincible, until it happens close to home. My heartfelt condolences to Don’s family. Debbie Dollimount

  2. R.I.P Don, although i have never heard of you before this incident. my sister was in a familiar situation, she fainted at work and smashed the back of hear head cracking a bone in her skull. she immediately went into shock. luckily she survived after being in the hospital for 2 weeks. I am very sorry to hear that you have past away and i hope that one day i can make it as far as you did in hockey.
    R.I.P Don
    Kevin McCreadie.

  3. Marjorie

    I just wanted to give my condolensces to Don’s family. It was such a tragic accident. May HE R.I.P

  4. Kevin Mohr

    Hi I am 13 years old and i would like to also give my condolensces to the Sanderson family even though i did not know you. I would like to say that i wish i can hopefully make it as far in hockey as Don was able to do. God bless RIP Don!!

  5. Hi, my names holly i am 14 and my twin sister has been living with a head injury for a year now she has really bad headaches.. also dissyness and her eyes roll back into her head. and they can’t figure out whats wrong with her. she also needs glasses and hearing aids now.

    anyways this is a teribble thing and we need to stop it .

    i am very sorry for your loses..


  6. How this gentleman has been iorengd by the Hall Of FAME Committee and why his Leaf jersey and number 8[eight]have never been retired is mind boggling to say the least.Today the supposed Toronto sports types are doing cartwheels over Sundin and Gilmour not long ago.Very good, notoutstanding players who never can close to bringing the Stanley Cup to Toronto. SID SMITH was on three Cup teams plus many more achievements yet has been iorengd all of these years.R.I.P. my friend. AL KARASIUK WASAGA BEACH.

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