Stats Plus – Mar. 26

  • There have been five teams so far that have failed to record a shutout this season. That four of them are Tampa, Florida, Buffalo and Calgary comes as no surprise. However it is surprising that the other is the New York Rangers who haven’t recorded a shutout after being third in the league last season with ten.
  • The Blues Patrick Berglund is the most accurate shooter in the NHL scoring on 28.0 % of his drives. Since 1990, the only person that had a more accurate season was the Flames Sergei Makarov who tallied on an amazing 32.3 % of his shots in 1990-91.
  • When Martin Brodeur was credited with his third career goal, it moved him to within two of P.J. Stock among all-timer goal scorers.
  • This season, Philadelphia leads the NHL in penalty minutes, averaging 15:54 per game. In 1995-96, when it was a 25 team league. the Flyers average would have been the fewest that season as Los Angeles ended up the least penalized team that season at 17:48 per game.
  • The Oilers Justin Schultz last played in the AHL back on January 5th. He had compiled 48 points to lead all defencemen. As we near the end of March, Schultz still is the top scoring blueliner as he holds an eight point lead (48-40) over Mark Barberio of the Syracuse Crunch.
  • Tampa Bay’s Guy Boucher recently became the second coaching casualty in the NHL. In the other 48-game season in 1995, there were three coaches let go that year: Barry Melrose in LA, George Burnett in Edmonton and John Paddock in Winnipeg. Currently, there are only 12 NHL coaches that have been with their team for more than two seasons.
  • On Monday night, the Minnesota Wild beat Dallas 7-4. Out of their 19 wins, that was the first time they won a game by more than two goals. Of their first 18 wins, nine were by one goal and nine were by two goals. They were the last team in the league to get a “blowout victory”.
  • Another stat that came to an end on Monday belonged to Alex Goligoski. Going into their game with the Wild, Goligoski had 16 assists but no goals, the most points by a player without a goal in the NHL. That ended with his goal and now that mantle has been passed to teammate Stephane Robidas whose line in 2013 is 0-10-10.

Stan Nieradka is a sports fan and statistician for Hockey Night In Canada, and contributor of Stats Plus for

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