Marlies take two games to one lead on Heat

Nicolas Deschamps gets three assists
May 5: Marlies 4 vs. Abbotsford 1

Marlies scorers: Kadri (3), Frattin (4), Dupuis (2), Mueller (1)
Heat scorers: Sylvester (4)
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Forward lines:: Hamilton-Zigomanis-Kadri, Colborne-D’Amigo-Frattin, Mueller-Dupuis-Deschamps, Rosehill-Acton-Scott
Defence pairings: Blacker-Gardiner, Fraser-Holzer, Mikus-Gysbers
Goaltenders: Scrivens (Win 59:10 minutes played, 20 saves, 1 GA), Rynnas (0:00)

It took just 58 seconds for the Toronto Marlies to set the tone in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Final, the first of three consecutive games to be played in Abbotsford. Nazem Kadri’s wraparound goal on the Marlies’ first shot of the game sparked the team on route to a 4-1 win over the Heat to take a two games to one lead in the series.

Kadri’s goal came against Heat goalie Leland Irving, who was inserted into the lineup in favour of Danny Taylor, the netminder who had start for Abbotsford in each of their playoff games before last night.

Marlies winger Matt Frattin scored his third goal in as many games, firing a shot from the left side – his off-wing – to score in a manner almost identical to his first period tally on Thursday night in Game 2.

Trailing 2-0 to start the second period, the Heat tried to rally, pressing the Marlies in their own zone in the opening minutes. Eventually Clay Wilson fired a shot from the point that was tipped by Dustin Sylvester to get the home team on the scoreboard.

However the Marlies responded when Philippe Dupuis converted a cross-ice pass from Marcel Mueller to restore the two-goal advantage.

A third period marker from Mueller rounded out the scoring. Nicolas Deschamps assisted on three of the Marlies goals while Ben Scrivens made 20 saves.

While it’s premature to write-off the Heat, certainly Toronto has all the momentum heading into Game 4 on Tuesday. The Marlies have outscored Abbotsford 9-2 in the past two games, while Toronto’s penalty-kill has been perfect in 16 opportunities over the first three outings.

Home ice may not be so advantage for the Flames farm team after all.


  1. I hope the Wolves miss the playoffs. I think you are spot on with the other picks. I give the Ads a 60% chacne for first. I’d love to see it, yet the remaining games will take a strength and maturity test that the Ads have not shown they can conquer as of yet. I want to be wrong with this assessment. Overall, it has been a great season especially when the call up and injury situation is taken into consideration.

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