Off the Post: One-on-One with Brad Boyes

St. Louis Blues forward Brad Boyes has scored in each of his team’s three games to open the NHL season. The Mississauga native was a Leafs’ first-round draft pick in 2000 and was traded to San Jose three years later in a deal that brought Owen Nolan to Toronto.

Q: How do you maintain the pace you set with 43 goals last year?
A: I have to get back to shooting the puck, getting open and getting in the right spots, and putting it on net. And if I get a few lucky ones, that’ll help.

Q: How do you react to being traded? Do you try to keep the positive aspects in mind?
A: Yes, that’s what you try and do. It’s tough at times, but there’s always a team out there that hopefully you can play with and stay with for a bit. The way you have to look at it, you’re playing hockey. You’re doing something that you love, and that’s something that not a lot of people get a chance to do. So regardless of where you’re going or where you’re playing, you want to always just enjoy it and have fun, and do the best for the team that you’re playing with.

Q: What can Toronto fans expect to see from your former teammate Jamal Mayers?
A: He’s going to be a fan favorite and one of the hardest-working guys out there. He’s a great penalty killer, he’s got a great shot and speed. He’ll finish his checks and stands up for his teammates every time. He’s one of the ultimate team guys. Toronto’s very lucky to have him.

Q: What has John Davidson meant to the Blues organization?
A: You look at the future of this team, it’s all positive, and that started when he got in. He’s been good in the community, his face is out there. He’s very personable; people are able to go up and talk to him. And he sets up interviews; he’s on the radio answering people’s questions, which is awesome. You don’t see that a lot from a president of an organization, in any league. That’s the way people can relate. He relating back to people. That ‘s great, for our fans, and for a team that has a lot of history – and was kind of slowing down for a bit – but is now rejuvenated with him back in it.

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  1. Why does management have to be so damn stupid??

    We traded McCauley, Boyes and a 1st for Owen Nolan? That 1st round pick ended up being traded the Bruins who selected Mark Stuart, with such players as Kesler, Richards, Perry and Eaves selected behind him in the first round.

    I think it was also Quinn who traded Adam Mair and a 2st round pick for Aki Berg. Mair isn’t anything special, but that scond round pick ended up being Mike Cammalleri, and wouldn’t he look great in the Blue and White right now.
    But, I guess you could also argue that we had 2 picks before him and took Coliacovo and Pilar, so it’s like he was on the Leafs radar anyways.

    Another gem of a trade was Kenny Jonsson, Darby Hendrickson, Sean Haggarty and our first round pick to the Islanders for Wendel Clark, Matthieu Schnieder and DJ Smith. We got back Schnieder who was good, but Jonsson was also a sold defenseman, however the real back-breaker in that deal is the fact that the Islanders selected Roberto Luongo with the 4th overall pick from the Leafs.

    And maybe the greatest stead of a deal was between the Leafs and Devils where the Leafs got Tom Kurvers from New Jersey for our 1st Round Draft Pick in the 1991 Entry Draft who just happened to be Scott Niedermayer.

    Another good one – Grant Fuhr, Glenn Anderson, and Craig Berube from Edmonton for Vincent Damphousse, Peter Ing, Scott Thornton and Luke Richardson

    So we missed out on Boyes, McCauley, Damphousse, Cammelarri and Mair on forward. Stuart, Jonnson and Niedermayer on defense and Luongo in net.
    I’m pretty sure if we had Scotty we would have be going to the Stanley Cup finals and not the Devils.

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