Ryan Hollweg traded to Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs picked up winger Ryan Hollweg from the New York Rangers on Monday afternoon in exchange for a 2009 fifth-round draft pick.

Hollweg, who is 25, had 96 penalty minutes last year with the Rangers. He only had 4 points in that 70 game span.

Hollweg was originally the Rangers 238th overall pick in the 2001 NHL draft.

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  1. bullspitt

    this is a guy who is going to fit into the leafs new plan. A guy who is a real competiter, his speed in the forward posittion will be awsome for the trap.(same with hagman,and garbovski) Fletcher turned alot of his old players into draft picks. (or faster, younger players to fit the trap style) from what i see in this off season the leafs are now a stronger faster team its to bad they couldnt lock up sundin now. i really like where the team is heading the only concern i have is, i think they could have got some of the free agents they signed a little cheaper than what they went for. but i do know its hard to convince a player to come to a hockey town were they will be critazized for every move they make( so mabe thats why so much money had to be spent) oh ya and with fletcher getting so many defenceman watch for a trade, macabe most likly but, to get someone to take him they will need to sweetin the deal with a good young player ( white,stralman,)watch out fletcher doesnt make a 6 player trade.

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