Armstrong’s season over

Maple Leafs forward Colby Armstrong sustained a broken foot in Monday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and is probably done for the season, head coach Ron Wilson said.

“It’s unfortunately one of those years for him,” said Wilson. “He’s a veteran player. He does the little detail things that coaches appreciate. He protects the puck, he’s a great hitter, everybody knows that. With the new head shot rule, you haven’t seen him pull any of those blindside hits; he’s made adjustments.

“He’s snuck up with a lot of points in the past 20 games he’s played. So he’s been able to contribute offensively playing with rookie players out there (linemates Darryl Boyce, Joey Crabb) and done a great job.”

Armstrong missed 16 games earlier in the year with a finger injury, and also missed four games in February with blurred vision. In 50 games this season, he collected 8 goals and 24 points.


  1. Amreen

    Im so sad…Army wont be playing the rest of this season…he’s a great player but unfortunately has suffered so many (at least 3 that I can think of) injuries this season…I hope he feels better. I also hope the Leafs make it to the playoffs this season….

  2. b j lng

    your website has gone was better it just sucks now. used to be able to get all the feeds now nada

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