Couch’s Corner: September 22

Game On
Despite the outcome of the score last night, it’s great to see the Leafs back on the ice.  Don’t sweat the loss – preseason is all about getting the dust off the veterans and seeing which rookies shine.

Finding the Puck
Nazem Kadri is getting slagged by both media and fans for a less-than-stellar first game.  He had no expectations last year at this time, but all eyes are on him now.  What I noticed most is that the puck seems to find him.  He always seems to find an opening where the puck is about to go.  That’s a trait most goal-scorers have.  Give him some time, he’ll do fine.

Not Mentioned Anywhere
Nobody seems to be talking about Joey Crabb’s game last night.  The career AHLer , in my opinion, was one of the more spirited guys on the ice.  He hustled each shift and was good in the corners.

Hitting the Net
Was it just me, or was Carl Gunnerson about the only defenceman last night that could get the puck on net.  He had several good low shots that made it to the front of the net, creating scoring chances.

I’m glad that Sportsnet carried the game, but is it really necessary for Wilbur and Kipper to have a contest to see who could use the phrase “carry the mail” most often?   And by the way, does Sportsnet have any commercials other than the repeated Sportsline ‘gut’ and A&W ‘front of the line’  ones?  Seemed like every tv timeout there was one of those playing.

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