Couch’s Corner: Obnoxious Habs Fans

Hell hath froze over, or at least it appears to be chilly down there, now that the Habs have successfully knocked off both the Caps and Pens in the first two rounds.

And congrats to the team for doing so.  Both series were well-earned victories.

Where it starts to get chilly in a normally hot spot is when we’re all bombarded by Habs fans, coming out of the woodwork like termites, all swarming to tell everyone that will listen that they knew the Habs had it in them to win both series.  Right….

Whenever the Leafs win a series or two, from what I remember at least, we brag a bit.  We celebrate (without the obligatory rioting that Habs fans seem to always pull off downtown Montreal).  And then Habs fans are right there to jeer us in our victory. Happens every time.

I applaud Montreal for how far they’ve come, I really do.  Or at least I marvel at how well Halak has played, at least.  But what bothers me is the idiotic Habs fans, especially those who claim to have known that the team would get this far, that go overboard in their celebration.  The rioting puts it over the top.

Enjoy the wins, but please… Do us all a favour and turn off the obnoxious verbal diarrhea tap and violence.  You’re still a very long way from hoisting Lord Stanley, not that there’s any real chance of that happening anyway…


  1. Wayne Ihamäki

    Do obnoxious idiots become Hab fans on purpose or does being a Hab fan makes you an obnoxious idiot? It’s great going for the underdog. It’s great to see a team with some smaller forwards succeed. Brings hope for smaller prospects like the Leaf’s DiDomenico. And last time I checked, Montreal is still a Canadian team. If only the Hab fans knew when to turn off the ‘obnoxious verbal diarrhea tap’, I could get behind the Montreal Canadiens.

  2. Dave Moore

    Funny comment about the Habs being a Canadian team, as they feature the fewest Canadian players in their line-up out of the 4 remaining teams. I applaud the players for playing over their heads, but like you – find that the Habs fans (and Flyers Fans) are undoing any good will that the hockey players earn from their on-ice accomplishments. Not all fans, just the ones who take credit for the team doing well, the ones who also feel the need to belittle their opponents even after the series is over. There seems to be a an arrogance in the modern Habs fan that has not been earned and is often wielded by those who are also the worst fair-weather fans.

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