CBC.ca: Season will start without Sundin

Mats Sundin spoke at a news conference in Sweden, stating that he will not make a decision on his playing future prior to the start of the 2008-09 season.

“I will not make up my mind before the season starts,” said the 37-year-old long-serving captain of the Maple Leafs. “That’s how I feel right now. Others have started playing in the middle of the season. If I would feel like retiring, I would say it.”

Sundin, an unrestricted free agent, is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer. He compiled 78 points in 74 games last year.

Link: CBC.ca


  1. Marceman

    Funny, even though I have been a huge Sundin fan and supporter his entire career, even for him this is laughable. Did he not say last spring that he did not want to join another team merely for the sake of winning a cup because “it is all about the JOURNEY for him”. Journey?? Doesn’t the Journey begin during training camp all the way until you have won the 16th game of the playoffs?? I never thought I would say this about Mats, but that was the most hypocritical thing he as ever said as a player in this league. Just retire already.

  2. comatoast

    I agree and I felt the same about Scott Niedermayer when he did the same thing. It feels like a cheap and unfair way of winning or even not winning a cup. If you feel too burnt out to endure a full season, then just pack it in. The league should step in and not allow players to go on doing this.

  3. Don

    I couldn’t agree more. Shouldn’t the “Captain” be there at the start of training camp to set the mood, the pace, the direction for the new and young kids coming in to a team. Mats, you are being a hypocrite. Guess what, our lives and hockey will move forward without you.

  4. bullspitt

    ya this is the guy who does’nt belive in a rental player he thinks that someone should play the whole year with a team and not join a team at the trade deadline, but he can join a team the next year when ever he wants . I always liked sundin and i still do . I would love him to come back to Toronto this year. But if he is going to do the late start thing and join a team late in the year he could of did it last year and got the leafs some higher draft picks.

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