New York Post: Sundin interested in Rangers

A report written by Larry Brooks of the New York Post indicates that Mats Sundin is interested in playing for the New York Rangers. Sundin, an unrestricted free agent, remains undecided on his playing future as of the start of the third week of August.

The report suggests that the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer has no interest in returning to Toronto. The same article states that the Philadelphia Flyers are also in the running in the bid to land Sundin while the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks appear to be out of the mix.

Sundin’s agent J.P. Barry has denied the report. “Everybody has been calling regularly trying to get an idea of when his timetable is. Mainly I have just told them we have talked about everything and right now it’s just for him to decide,” Barry explained to TSN on Sunday.

This summer Sundin has been offered both a one-year deal at $7 million from the Maple Leafs and a two-year deal at $20 million from the Canucks.

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  1. walter crossan

    Every one should relax and let Mats make his decision about where he wants to play if at all. I mean, has he not done his part in leaf history. Leaf fans should be proud to say he was and may still be a Leaf. Even if he does leave to join another team, his heart will always be a leaf.

  2. Caper

    He’s one of the more selfish players in NHL history. Perhaps not in monitary terms, but in terms of not careing for his team, his teammates, or his fans. I’m not sure why the TO fans forgive and forget with with this guy. He’s barely a pt a game player in his career, he rarely plays with 100% of his ability…basically he’s an overpaid selfish child. Go to NYR…go to PHIL…but let my Leafs move on. They’ll never win, nor have won with you there, why should we expect different this year.

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