Mats Sundin Canucks story speculation

Maybe it has some legs, but I can’t see it. Likely it’s more a case that I don’t want to believe the latest dirt.

But the story out of Sweden Sunday is that Mats Sundin has agreed to a deal with the Vancouver Canucks.

Back in Canada, TSN is reporting that the story is false, and they have quotes from Sundin’s Swedish rep Claes Elefalk as saying as much.

Whatever the case, Vancouver still is in the hunt for Sundin. We know that much. Throw enough buckets of cash at a guy and how can that not be the case.

But in the end, don’t be surprised at a Sundin return to Toronto.

He’s always loved Toronto, has wore his heart on his sleeve for the Blue and White, and there’s nothing telling us that it won’t change.

Sure, he’s taken the summer to make up his mind. Good for him.

If I were his age, and contemplating when to decide to hang up the skates, I’d take my time too. How many athletes have hastily retired only to un-retire a few months later – see Brett Favre in Green Bay for the latest example.

When Mats finally does decide – and it’ll be before training camp, not part way through the season like Scott Niedermayer – it won’t shock anyone if it’s to Toronto.

Money aside, Toronto has just as much to offer as Vancouver ever will.


  1. H. Daniel Chesney

    You were doing well there Rick. right up to the end when you just had puke that last comment out. It doesn’t mater if you’re right or wrong, what maters is, you hurt your credibility when you make condescending comments like that. And you lend it to the “I hate Toronto” cult.

  2. Rick

    You called me on it.

    Tell me what Vancouver has to offer that Toronto doesn’t, other than money? Neither are a contender anytime soon, Mats has business interests in Toronto, and he prefers Eastern travel. Yes, Vancouver is throwing more money at him – that’s the ONLY major reason he would go there that I can see.

  3. Shal

    Rick makes a valid point. Both franchises are in a state of uncertainty. Vancouver just cut loose two of their long time leaders, they have a new, inexperienced GM (that sounds very familiar…), they have some issues with their top 6. Is it realistic to expect a non playoff team to become a contender in one year? Particularly in a much more difficult conference. Is it enough to throw the Olympics at Sundin to entice him to leave his home for 13 years? If he retired with the Leafs, he would go out as a hero.

    If you are talking about the city, of course Vancouver has more natural beauty. I have visited it and found it to be absolutely breathtaking. I wouldn’t mind living there someday. However, I have spent all 22 years of my life in Toronto, and it has a lot of things to offer. I’m not sure if you are trying to turn this into a city vs city argument, but if you are – that is pretty condescending to the residents of both cities. All Rick did was assume that both cities offer similar experiences, and not to offend your sensibilities here, North American cities don’t differ by THAT large of a margin. So he’s right.

  4. Dave

    Toronto sucks, why would he want to end his career with a team that is going nowhere … especially after the way they treated him at the deadline, theres no way hes going back there.. And for what? 1 year? 2 years of playing for absolutly nothing? In the sense that toronto is so far from a cup winning team. Montreal is the place he should end up. No questions about it.

  5. Dave

    i LOVE how montreal is not even on the list of where Mats will play next year in your pol LOL. So toronto-ish of you. Toronto-Vancouver lol, 2 teams with no hope at all .

  6. Andrew

    If Mats were to retire I have no beef. The big swede has earned the right to hang up his skates ten times over. If he comes back to the Leafs I will be happy for another year or so. But if he joins another team? Well from what I’ve seen in the world of sports only a rare handful of people can do that – Hossa for example 😛

    If Sundin were to join the Canadiens it would be career suicide and Im fairly sure he knows this. As for the Canucks.. Meh hit or miss.

  7. Trevor

    i’d like to know why you guys think Vancouver has no chance. They were first in the Northwest division (the most difficult division to play in) a week before the season ended. Replace Linden with Wellwood, replace Naslund with Demitra, replace Morrison with Bernier and you have 3 very good improvements. Add Sundin into the mix and the canucks are cup bound.

  8. Taylor

    This is to Rick. Vancouver has things to offer more than just money you canuck hater. First, the Sedins. Who wouldnt want to get a chance to play with them, and theyre just getting better. Sedin also said he wanted to play on a team where he will help the team win and be the “difference maker”. He would be captain in vancouver and would definatly make a difference. Vancouver is a stanley cup contender with Sundin no doubt. They were last year as well and would havce probably made it in last year without all the injuries that hurt them. They may not have made it past second round like usual but they were still contenders. And with Sundin Vancouver has a very good chance, i think, to win the stanley cup. Now I dont know much about Toronto so im not saying that they dont have things to offer because im sure they do. Mainly because he has played there for so long. Im just saying that Vancouver does have things to offer as well.

  9. Taylor

    In my third sentence i meant to say Sundin said he wanted to play on a team…….etc. not Sedin.

  10. Taylor

    Also to mention that the younger players on Vancouver are getting very good as well. Such as Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond, Kevin Bieksa, and Alex Burrows.

  11. paul

    Really , is anybody thinking clear? Sundin will take the money from Vancouver, Do you think he wants to hear His wife nag for the rest of his life for turning down 20 Million? think not bozo’s and montreal ? gimmi a break, what a pansie bunch of mary’s they are,he wouldn’t be caught dead in the C

  12. dan

    Have to say…if he plays anywhere, it’ll be in Vancity. Most beautiful city in N. America, and the team would be a serious contender with him here.

    Plus, the travel angle is overblown. An hour or two more in first class comfort is not that bad…and that aspect gets very overblown anyhow.

  13. Darious

    Ya of all you that said Sundin going to Vancouver was career suicide and that the Canucks cant go from not making the playoffs to being cup bound, they are 2 games away from the western conference finals. Trevor and Taylor are the only ones who were even half right ( not saying you guys arent more than 50% right, everybody else was just angry Sundin didnt go to their team). Even if the Canucks don’t win it all I still think Sundin was a valuable pick-up in a variety of ways, experience being a very important one. Plus Kesler, Demitra and Wellwood have really stepped it up this season. I look forward to game 4 tonight against Chicago, give em hell boys and bring the Stanley Cup to Vancouver for once haha!

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