unveils several new home page features for Leaf fans

Regular visitors may have noticed a few exciting new additions this weekend (and a minor glitch that we’re working on).

We have now added a new subsection to the Leafs News area where you can find player salary and cap information for the Leafs’ current Active Roster, as well as the expected line-up for the team’s next game.

The Active Roster is currently only a rough estimate of the line-up the coach Ron Wilson will employ next season, but as we get into training camp it should be quite a bit more accurate and will be updated on a near-daily basis during the season itself and should be very accurate.

The Leafs’ current salary and cap commitments are based on the most recent media reports available for the team’s contract signings, supplemented by data garnered from several excellent sources of such information. We can’t vouch for it being perfectly accurate (since that information is often confidential and available only to the NHL Central Registry, the NHLPA, and the teams), but in almost all cases it should be very close to the correct values.

The table displays the cap value of each player on the team, based on playing 82 games. It does not adjust this figure to reflect any injuries or suspensions to players, nor will the figures for team totals be adjusted for call-up or other daily accounting procedures related to player movement. It is simply intended to give a good overall idea of the team’s cap situation.

Hovering your mouse over a player’s name will expand the row to show the player’s actual salary in addition to his cap value. The salary includes a player’s signing bonus (if any) but does not include any performance bonuses he might be eligible to receive.

Another new addition is the “Special Features” links added to the right-hand column (about midway down the side) of every page. This will show two main categories — Leafs roster players and prospects — which turn into drop-down lists showing links to any news or articles that relate to that player, as well as to a special “Player Profile.” The Player Profile is a sort of “scouting report” assembled based on the feedback received from our forum members. We’ll be adding a new Player Profile every few days between now and training camp and should have the complete Leafs active roster profiled by the time the season starts.

Each Player Profile will also have links to pictures or YouTube clips of note, as well as a recap of the player’s statistical history (thanks to the nifty tool provided by the excellent folks at Hockey DB). It will also have a link to the forum discussion thread where you can add you opinions, or point us to some new clips or pictures you think should be added to the player’s profile. In future, if you’re looking for news on your favourite player, you’ll know where to go first.

The minor glitch is the disappearance of the nice, tabbed box in the upper left of the home page. The actual content is there, but it’s now displayed down the length of the column instead of in the attractive tabbed box. We’ll try to sort out what happened and fix it as soon as possible.

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, don’t hesitate to comment.

EDIT: As a follow up, we have now (we hope) resolved the minor glitch and the tabbed box for the Daily Round-Up should be back in action. The odd IE7 issue with displaying the buttons on the Active Roster and Salary entry remains a complete and utter mystery.


  1. H. Daniel Chesney

    Please make your web page more compatible with the universal html standards and not the IE only special features. I understand that the hyper competitive media pressures in Toronto force you to strive for cutting edge features, but how about this novel approach? Make your web site work for all visitors and stop pissing off fans who don’t have the latest greatest most up to date hardware and the newest just released buggy software that won’t run on anything. Adopt a single format for what ever you put on the site, and you do the work of converting acquired content it so it works properly, instead of us poor schmucks out here struggling to download the ultimate patch or plugin. The technology burden should be on the you the experts shoulders not ours. At the risk of being rude and blunt. We don’t want to hear about your problems with IE, we want to view the content, If you can’t solve your technical issues, we’ll go somewhere else.

  2. MrT

    H. Daniel Chesney:

    We appreciate your comments, but to the best of our knowledge the only display issue at all with this page (or site) is with IE7. It is completely compatible with ALL common current Mac browsers that we are aware of (particularly Safari, Opera, and Firefox) so while we can sympathise with your frustrations in general, perhaps your anger is mis-directed in this case?

    I’d also like to point out that this site is entirely designed, created, maintained, and written by fans like yourself. We’re not IT specialist or web professionals, and we do all of this on an unpaid volunteer basis as a free service that we hope will interest other Leafs fans. Believe me, the time commitment isn’t insignificant!

    Nevertheless, if you are experiencing any issues relating to your ability to access our site’s content, we would be extremely interested in hearing about it so we can try to address the problems.

  3. Shaun Lambrou

    I love and appreciate everything you guys are doing for this site. This is one of the first sites i check every morning and with all the new additions it will be one of my regular sites for a long time.

    thank you guys!


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